SAPPHIRE news - June 2016

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Welcome to SAPPHIRE's monthly roundup of good news from the team, including publications, conferences, and talks.


Dr Damian Roland has published a review of future challenging in relation to early warning systems for children:

Dr Damian Roland has also published the following, using some data showing how POPS predicts resource utilisation:

Dr Pam Carter has had an article entitled "Governing spaces: a multi-sited ethnography of governing welfare reform at close range and at a distance" accepted for publication in Critical Policy Studies

Prof Mary Dixon-Woods has the following papers accepted:

  • Nelson EC, Dixon-Woods M, Batalden PB, Homa K, Van Citters AD, Morgan TS, Eftimovska E, Fisher ES, Ovretveit J, Harrison W, Lind C, Lindblad S. (2016) Patient focused registries can improve health, care and science. BMJ 354:i3319
  • Chopra V, Dixon-Woods M, Saint S. Becoming an effective mentee: the four golden rules. BMJ (accepted June 2016)

Conferences and Talks

Prof Mary Dixon-Woods has given the following presentations:

  • Why is improving healthcare so hard, and how can we do it better? West Midlands CLAHRC Scientific Meeting, Birmingham, 8 June 2016
  • Improving learning from incidents. Keynote at Learning from Incidents Event. Leicester, 23 May 2016
  • Does quality improvement improve quality? Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Safety Forum, Belfast Castle, 19 May 2016

Prof Graham Martin gave a key note presentation at the American Board of Medical Specialties Quality Improvement Forum in Chicago on 12 May

Prof Graham Martin also presented on a paper co-authored with Dr Pam Carter at a joint KCL/LSHTM seminar series on citizen involvement in healthcare on 18 May

Slides and an audio recording of his talk should soon be available.

A number of SAPPHIRE members attended a conference on patient safety at the Royal Society for Medicine on 10th June:

  • Dr Farhad Peerally gave a presentation entitled: “Root Cause Analysis: Bottlenecks, frustrations, grr, GRR, and more GRRR” at the Royal Society of Medicine in London on the 10th of June.
  • Prof Graham Martin gave a talk about the origins and development of LIIPS.
  • Dr Damian Roland spoke on the “Utilisation of Social Media in Patient Safety”, focusing primarily on its role in knowledge translation.

Dr Damian Roland also gave an invited talk at the Royal Society for Medicine on June 14th entitled “Patient Centred Outcome Measures in Acute Paediatrics”, discussing his preliminary work in creating an electronic system to follow up children and young people with hand injuries.


Congratulations to Sue Cradock, and to her supervisors Dr Helen Eborall, Prof Melanie Davies, Prof Richard Baker, and Dr Wendy Hardeman, on a very successful PhD viva.

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