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Welcome to SAPPHIRE's monthly newsletter, a roundup of good news from the team, with papers, presentations, PhD success and work with the NHS.


Natalie Armstrong presenting poster - April 2015Dr Natalie Armstrong and Dr Liz Brewster presented two posters on behalf of the NHS Safety Thermometer (a care survey instrument for measuring potential patient harm) project evaluation team at the International Forum in Quality and Safety in Healthcare in London. The poster titles were as follows:

    • Brewster, L., Tarrant, C., Dixon-Woods, M. and Armstrong, N. (2015) ‘Control and co-operation: delivering ‘harm-free care’ in the community setting.’ International Forum for Quality and Safety in Healthcare, London, UK.
    • Armstrong, N.,  Dixon-Woods, M., Brewster, L., and Tarrant, C. (2015) ‘”Not on our watch”: concerns about ‘fairness’ in data collection for the NHS Safety Thermometer.’ International Forum for Quality and Safety in Healthcare, London, UK.

Dr Pam Carter gave a presentation of her and Prof Graham Martin’s work about the A Stronger Voice study, relating to prioritising the experience of service users, which was well received at the Health Services Management Centre.

Dr Damian Roland was invited to speak in Belfast by the N. Ireland Public Health Agency as part of their series on the implications of the Berwick Report, ‘Lessons from Berwick A Promise to Learn – A Commitment to Act’. He led an interactive workshop entitled ‘How can you influence others if you can’t change yourself?’ He also gave a lecture on Paediatric Early Warning Scores (PEWS).

Prof Mary Dixon-Woods has also given two talks this month:

  • Mary Dixon-Woods. Discussant for the Chelimsky Forum. Eastern Evaluation Research Society Annual Conference. 26 April 2015, Atlantic City, NJ.
  • Mary Dixon-Woods. Why is patient safety so hard? Transforming Healthcare Grand Rounds. Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, CT. 14 April 2015

Dr Carolyn Tarrant presented at 25th ECCMID (European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases) 2015, Copenhagen on 28th April 2015Dr Carolyn Tarrant presented at 25th ECCMID (European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases) 2015, Copenhagen on 28th April: ‘Understanding central line-associated bloodstream infection bundle implementation on a national scale’. She reported that here was a small but important representation of social and behavioural science across the conference, and lots of interest in implementation and behaviour change.

Papers accepted

The following papers were accepted for publication:

  • Budd JLS, Draper ES, Lotto RR, Berry LE, Smith LK. Socioeconomic inequalities in pregnancy outcome associated with Down Syndrome: a population based study. Archives of Disease in Childhood Fetal & Neonatal Edition
  • Tarrant C, Jackson C, Dixon-Woods M, McNicol S, Kenyon S, Armstrong N. Consent revisited: The impact of return of results on participants’ views and expectations about trial participation. Health Expectations
  • Hooper P, Kocman D, Carr S, Tarrant C. (2015) Junior doctors’ views on reporting concerns about patient safety: a qualitative study. BMJ Postgraduate Medical Journal
  • Gourna EG, Armstrong N, Wallace SE. Compare and contrast: A cross-national study across UK, USA and Greek experts regarding return of incidental findings from clinical sequencing. European Journal of Human Genetics
  • De Freitas, C. and G.P. Martin (in press) Inclusive public participation in health: policy, practice and theoretical contributions to promote the involvement of marginalised groups in healthcare. Social Science & Medicine
  • Currie, G. and G.P. Martin (forthcoming) Narratives of health policy. In E. Ferlie, K. Montgomery and A.R. Pederson (eds) Oxford Handbook of Health Care Management. Oxford University Press, Oxford

Other news...

On 31 March, SAPPHIRE joined Twitter and posted its first tweet, follow @SocSciHealth


  • Andy Willis (PhD student, supervised by Kamlesh Khunti and Melanie Davies (Diabetes Research Centre), and Helen Eborall (SAPPHIRE)) had a very successful viva on 20th April. His thesis is titled: ‘The effectiveness of screening for type 2 diabetes within a community pharmacy setting’. It involved: a systematic review, a randomised controlled trial comparing two methods for screening for T2DM in the pharmacy setting, and a qualitative study of pharmacists’ views and experiences of the screening.
  • Emma Jones has been working with Professor Joe Dias and Mr Andrew Brown to collect the data required for the safe set up of the Leicester Arthroplasty Remote Clinic (LARC), which deals with joint replacement. Now standard total hip replacement (THR) patients at UHL (University Hospitals of Leicester) will be followed up via the LARC’s ‘virtual follow up’ service at one year and beyond. These patients will be given a questionnaire which, through testing Emma helped with, has been validated to be a precise means of identifying patients who do need to be seen in person and those who don’t. The new service will be run to review at least 850 new patients each year. If all 850 new THR patients at UHL receive a questionnaire the expected rate of patients returning to clinics will be 10%. This huge reduction in the number of patients reviewed in person will have a significant impact on patient through-put, referral to treatment times, and possibly patient satisfaction through removing un-necessary hospital visits.
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