SAPPHIRE NEWS December 2018 & January 2019

Welcome to SAPPHIRE's round up of updates from the team, including presentations, publications and other activities.


Dr Nici Mackintosh was successfully appointed as a member of the RfPB East Midlands Regional Advisory Panel.


Liz Sutton and Dr Carolyn Tarrant, along with  Dr Liz Brewster (previously of SAPPHIRE) have had the following paper accepted for publication:

Carolyn Tarrant, Dr Sarah Chew and Dr Janet Willars are co-authors on this paper led by Dr Elisa Liberati (previously of SAPPHIRE), reporting findings from the ongoing work into describing and replicating safety in maternity care:

Dr Damian Roland published a comparison of British and Canadian practices in relation to the management of children with bronchiolitis:


Nici Mackintosh and Damian Roland have been awarded an internally funded Knowledge Exchange grant to work with an arts company One to One Development Trust to explore the feel of space within the children’s emergency department and the role of clinical processes in influencing parental participation. Dr Jennifer Jones will be working with them on the 6 month project which uses 3 workshops (involving staff, parents and academics) to understand potential opportunities for new understandings / redesign


Damian Roland presented at Excellence in Paediatrics in Prague in early December on the subject of Decision Making in Paediatrics and spoke at a conference in Cairo in January, teaching paediatricians in Egypt on Asthma, Current Research Themes and Patients Safety.

Other academic news

Carolyn Tarrant's & Eva Krockow's study ‘Antimicrobial resistance as a social dilemma: Approaches to reducing broad-spectrum antibiotic use in acute medical patients internationally’ ended in December 2018. They successfully completed interviews in the UK, South Africa and Sri Lanka, and there is still interesting work to do to develop the analysis of the data. Feedback has been provided to Sri Lankan and South African participants.

Eva Krockow has started a 3 months research placement at the Max-Planck-Institute for Human Development in Berlin, where she will be researching applications of “Wisdom of Crowd” theory to antibiotic prescribing.

On 23 January, Eva Krockow gave a radio interview to BYU Radio. During the 20 minute slot, she discussed her recent blog post “Trick Yourself into Healthy Eating

Eva was also featured as a decision-making expert in the first 2019 issue of “Healthy” magazine, which is one of the UK’s biggest health and wellness magazines.

Liz Sutton attended a very productive couple of days at the University of Leicester Doctoral College thesis boot camp.  Distractions kept to a minimum she wrote over 4,000 words towards another thesis chapter.   


Farewell to Oli Williams @OliWilliamsPhD who left Sapphire to take up a THIS Institute Fellowship at King’s College London.

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