Sapphire News Aug/Sept/Oct 2019

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We say goodbye to some valued colleagues and hello to new team members - find out what has been happening in Sapphire recently!


Welcome to new PhD students Lucy Love, Shavez Jeffers, Vimbai Mamombe, Fran Quattri, Lara Crowther and also Helen Elliott-Mainwaring who is taking the MScQ&S as part of a 4 year studentship

Also welcome Annica Rosvall – a visiting PhD student from Malmö University, Sweden who will be attending the MSc QQI module.


Caroline Tarrant has had a short article accepted for publication in the British Journal of General Practice. She will become a published poet with ‘‘Hitting targets’: a poem from a study of cardiovascular disease prevention’

Becky Linnett has had an article entitled “A multidimensional approach to perfectionism and self-compassion” published in the journal Self and Identity which is based on her MRes research at Nottingham Trent University. This is her first major publication.


In September, Julia Clark was invited to present at an interdisciplinary workshop at the University of Manchester on ‘Trust in Childbirth: Experiences of Midwifery’. She presented her early findings, and spoke on ‘Accounts of altered fetal movement: trust, conflict and resolution’ to a mixed audience of historians, lawyers and art historians

We turned out in force at the BSA MedSoc Conference in September, with the following presentations:

  • Looking through different disciplinary lenses: the super-wicked problem of antibiotic over-use in healthcare. Carolyn Tarrant, Caroline King, Kay Currie
  • How does organisational context impact on antibiotic stewardship in primary care? Emma Richardson, Carolyn Tarrant
  • Reflective practice in acute care settings: is it always good for staff and good for patients? Jennifer Jones, Celia Brown, Julian Bion, Olivia Brookes, Janet Willars, Carolyn Tarrant.

Here is a link to all the abstracts (pages 23, 40, 49)


Carolyn is delighted to report funding success:

Resilient Acute Care Models for Older People. Daniel Lasserson, University of Birmingham; Russell Mannion, University of Birmingham; Simon Conroy, University of Leicester; Carolyn Tarrant, University of Leicester; Catia Nicodemo, University of Oxford; Raphael Wittenberg, University of Oxford; Agnieszka Ignatowicz, University of Birmingham. (NIHR PRP)

DA VINCI: Developing a visual identification method for people with cognitive impairment in institutional settings. Carolyn Tarrant, University of Leicester; Natalie Armstrong, University of Leicester; Louise Locock, University of Aberdeen; Simon Conroy, University of Leicester, Elizabeth Sutton, University of Leicester; Janet Willars, University of Leicester; Karen Wildsmith, carer representative; Dave Allen, Patient Partner, University Hospitals Leicester. (THIS Institute)

Other academic news

Julia Clark was appointed director of the Sheffield Maternity Co-operative, a multi-constituency co-op which will provide additional care, information and advocacy for local women and their families. Women who are in the asylum seeking or immigration system will be funded by the collective. Julia is working on this project, which is in its very early stages, with fellow midwife and academic, Phoebe Pallotti, and Ella Sprung, a mother and folk musician with very recent experience of the maternity care system. Watch this space!

Carolyn Tarrant has been appointed to the NIHR Programme Grants for Applied Research (PGfAR) Review Committee.

Fatimah Wobi and Helen Eborall had a very successful showcase event:

TIGER event


We are very sad to say goodbye to Eva Krockow, Emma Richardson and Sarah Chew. We wish Emma and Eva every success in their new roles: Eva has been appointed to a lecturer post in the School of Psychology at Leicester, and Emma has taken up a Research Fellow post at Aston University. We hope to continue to collaborate with them all in the future.

Eva Emma Sarah

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