SAPPHIRE News - April 2018

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Welcome to SAPPHIRE's round up of updates from the team, including presentations, publications and other activities.


Prof Graham Martin and Dr Damian Roland, together with Dr Jay Banerjee, are co-authors on a paper led by their colleague Brad Wright, based on their joint comparative project looking at observation care in the United States and England:
Wright B, Martin GP, Ahmed A, Banerjee J, Mason S Roland D. How the availability of observation status affects emergency physician decision making. Annals of Emergency Medicine (2018) in press

Dr Eva Krockow had the following paper accepted and published:
Colman AM, Pulford BD, Krockow EM. Persistent cooperation and gender differences in Repeated Prisoner’s Dilemma games: Some things never change. Acta Psychologica, 187, 1-8. doi:10.1016/j.actpsy.2018.04.014 (2018)

Dr Krockow is also proud to have had the following paper accepted in a very high-ranking Psychology journal:
Pulford BD, Colman AM, Buabang E, Krockow EM. (In Press). The persuasive power of knowledge: Testing the confidence heuristic. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General


SAPPHIRE are delighted to have received one of only seven PhD fellowships awarded by THIS.Institute in their first award round.

The fellowship will focus on the role of visual management tools for the coordination of healthcare teams, and will be supervised by SAPPHIRE's Dr Nicola Mackintosh, in collaboration with Dr Nicola Bateman from the University of Leicester's School of Business.


Dr Natalie Armstrong will be involved in two panel sessions at July’s HSRUK Conference: one on the use of ethnography in healthcare improvement and one on tackling medical overuse - the latter also involves Dr Carolyn Tarrant.

Dr Krockow will also be involved in July’s HSRUK Conference and will give an oral presentation titled Balancing the risks to individual and society: A systematic review and synthesis of qualitative research on antibiotic prescribing behaviour in hospitals

Dr Krockow will also be giving an oral presentation at the 7th ICAN Congress 2018 in Cape Town with the title:
Barriers to optimising prescribing of broad-spectrum antibiotics in hospitals: a qualitative study in UK, South Africa and Sri Lanka has been accepted as an oral presentation.

Dr Oli Williams went to Turin to present at the European Sociological Association Midterm Conference for Research Network 16: Sociology of Health and Illness. He presented work from the ongoing CLAHRC East Midlands evaluation being carried out by Dr Williams, Shona Agarwal, Prof Martin and Liz Shaw. The paper was titled: Ideological, Pragmatic and Tokenistic: Patient and the public involvement in a collaborative health research organisation in England and the presentation visuals can be viewed online.

Dr Pam Carter and Prof Martin have had their abstract Applying Cultural Political Economy to study the governance of the English NHS accepted for presentation at an international conference.


It was officially announced this month by THIS.Institute that Prof Martin will be joining them in August 2018. Prof Martin has been here for a very long time and he is very much part of the foundations of the group, so it is difficult to imagine SAPPHIRE without him. Prof Martin joined the SAPPHIRE Group as Senior Lecturer in October 2009, and was promoted to a Personal Chair in April 2012. He became Head of Department of Health Sciences in August 2015 and has been a fine example of leadership during his headship.  Prof Martin will maintain his commitment to current SAPPHIRE projects, so he will remain with us for the foreseeable future albeit in a reduced capacity. His achievements during his time with the SAPPHIRE Group speak for themselves so all there is left to say is thank you, we will miss you, and all the best in your new post!

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