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Personal details

Professor of Geriatric Medicine, University of Leicester

Honorary Geriatrician, University Hospitals of Leicester

Simon’s ambition is to improve outcomes for frail older people by embedding evidence based medicine into clinical practice (‘campus to clinic’ translational research). His research addresses different models of care for frail older people, assessing feasibility as well as clinical and cost-effectiveness. His educational activities take an interdisciplinary perspective on developing and teaching knowledge locally (frailty services), nationally (BGS) and internationally (EUGMS & EAMA). Implementation of research findings into clinical practice is key, and best exemplified by work on the Silver Book and the Acute Frailty Network.

Professional activities


  • Professor of Geriatric Medicine, University of Leicester, May 2018+
  • Clinical lead, Acute & Specialised Clinical Frailty Networks, NHS Elect, January 2015+


  • Geriatrician, University Hospitals of Leicester (UHL), Mar 2011 – April  2018
  • Co-director, Leicester Academy for the Study of Ageing, 2016-2018
  • Specialty clinical director, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, Jan 2011 - Mar 2015
  • Head of Service, Geriatric Medicine, UHL, Apr 2011 - Oct 2014
  • Senior Lecturer (medical education), University of Leicester, Mar 2008 – Mar 2011
  • Clinical Lecturer in Geriatric Medicine, University of Nottingham, Feb 2004- Feb 2008


Specific areas of interest:

  • Geriatric emergency medicine
  • Urgent care
  • Improvement networks
  • Frailty
  • End of life care and advance care planning
  • Comprehensive geriatric assessment
  • Complex interventions for older people

Selected recent research projects

Urgent care & frailty

150,000 euros Dutch Research Council, 2020-2022, co-applicant. Mass Spectometry idEntification of uriNary tract Infection in Older women; the SENIOR-pilot.

£112,362.60 The Health Foundation, 2020-2021, DA VINCI: Developing a visual identification method for people with cognitive impairment in institutional settings

£792,102 NIHR Policy Research Programme 2019-2023, Models of Acute Care Resilience, co-applicant with University of Birmingham

£548,507 NIHR HTA 2019-2022, co-applicant with Bradford. Development and evaluation of the electronic frailty index+ (eFI+) tool: integrated prognostic-decision modelling to target interventions for older people with moderate or severe frailty.

£99,554 NIHR Programme Development Grant 2019-20, co-applicant with Bradford. Developing a novel system of care targeting risk factors for five manifestations of frailty to maintain the independence of older people in hospital and post-discharge.

£28,700 EM CLAHRC 2019-20, lead applicant. A comparison of two national approaches to identify frail older people with urgent care needs.

£931,653 NIHR HSDR, 2018-2021, lead applicant. Identifying models of care to improve outcomes for older people with emergency and urgent care needs.

£1,038,561 NIHR HSDR, 2014-17, co-applicant with University of Newcastle. Acute hospital care for frail older people. Programme lead.

£10,000 British Geriatrics Society, 2015-16, co-applicant with University Hospitals of Leicester. The use and abuse of urine testing in older people.

£386,751 NIHR SDO, 2012-14, co-applicant with University of Leicester. Establishing and implementing best practice to reduce unplanned admissions in those aged 85+ through system change.

£2,200,000 NIHR programme grant, 2008-13, co-applicant with University of Nottingham. Acute care workstream lead.

Cardiovascular disease

£168,397 British Heart Foundation, 2020-22, co-applicant. Holistic patient-centred intervention to improve outcomes of older people living with frailty and chronic heart failure.

£282,080 NIHR RfPB, 2014-16, co-applicant with University of Nottingham. Hypertension in Dementia - Feasibility Study

£2,194,458 NIHR HTA, 2012-2021, co-applicant with University of Leicester. UK TAVI study

Falls & injuries

£174,661 NIHR RfPB, 2012-2014, co-applicant with University of Nottingham. A feasibility study on falls prevention intervention in care homes leading to:

£1,833,942 NIHR HTA, 2016-2019, co-applicant with University of Nottingham. A multi-centre cluster randomised controlled trial to evaluate a falls prevention programme in care homes for older people (FinCH)


£385,505 NIHR HSDR, 2018-2020, co-applicant with LOROS. Thinking ahead about medical treatments in advanced illness.

Selected publications

  1. Street A, Maynou L, Gilbert T, et al. The use of linked routine data to optimise calculation of the Hospital Frailty Risk Score on the basis of previous hospital admissions: a retrospective observational cohort study. The Lancet Healthy Longevity 2021 doi: 10.1016/S2666-7568(21)00004-0
  2. Cosco TD, Best J, Davis D, et al. What is the relationship between validated frailty scores and mortality for adults with COVID-19 in acute hospital care? A systematic review. Age and Ageing 2021 doi: 10.1093/ageing/afab008
  3. Bertfield D, Conroy S. Acute care for older people living with frailty. London: Royal College of Physicians, 2020.
  4. Elliott A, Taub N, Banerjee J, Aijaz F, Jones W, Teece L, et al. Does the Clinical Frailty Scale at Triage Predict Outcomes From Emergency Care for Older People? Annals of Emergency Medicine. 2020 2020/12/13/.
  5. Preston L, van Oppen JD, Conroy SP, et al. Improving outcomes for older people in the emergency department: a review of reviews. Emergency Medicine Journal 2020:emermed-2020-209514. doi: 10.1136/emermed-2020-209514
  6. Owen RK, Conroy SP, Taub N, et al. Comparing associations between frailty and mortality in hospitalised older adults with or without COVID-19 infection: a retrospective observational study using electronic health records. Age and Ageing 2020 doi: 10.1093/ageing/afaa167.
  7. van Oppen JD, Keillor L, Mitchell A, et al. What older people want from emergency care: a systematic review. Emerg Med J 2019;36(12):754-61. doi: 10.1136/emermed-2019-208589 [published Online First: 2019/10/28]
  8. Oliver M Todd, Jennifer K Burton, Richard M Dodds, Joe Hollinghurst, Ronan A Lyons, Terence J Quinn,  Anna Schneider, Katherine E Walesby, Chris Wilkinson, Simon Conroy, Chris P Gale, Marlous Hall, Kate Walters, Andrew P Clegg. New Horizons in the use of routine data for ageing research. Age Ageing 2020, in press.
  9. Wilson A, Baker R, Bankart J, et al. Understanding variation in unplanned admissions of people aged 85 and over: a systems-based approach. BMJ Open 2019;9(7):e026405. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2018-026405
  10. Kocman D, Regen E, Phelps K, Martin G, Parker S, Gilbert T, Conroy S. Can comprehensive geriatric assessment be delivered without the need for geriatricians? A formative evaluation in two perioperative surgical settings. Age Ageing 2019 doi: 10.1093/ageing/afz025 [published Online First: 2019/03/28]
  11. Gilbert T, Neuburger J, Kraindler J, et al. Development and validation of a Hospital Frailty Risk Score focusing on older people in acute care settings using electronic hospital records: an observational study. The Lancet 2018;391(10132):1775-82.
  12. Kocman D, Regen E, Phelps K, et al. Can comprehensive geriatric assessment be delivered without the need for geriatricians? A formative evaluation in two perioperative surgical settings. Age Ageing 2019 doi: 10.1093/ageing/afz025 [published Online First: 2019/03/28]
  13. Parker SG, McCue P, Phelps K, et al. What is Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA)? An umbrella review. Age and Ageing 2018;47(1):149-55.
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  15. Elliott A, Phelps K, Regen E, Conroy, SP. Identifying frailty in the Emergency Department-feasibility study. Age Ageing 2017:1-6.
  16. Ellis G, Gardner M, Tsiachristas A, et al. Comprehensive geriatric assessment for older adults admitted to hospital. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. 2017: CD006211.
  17. Gladman J, Harwood R, Conroy S, Logan P, Elliott R, Jones R, et al. Medical Crises in Older People. Programme Grants Appl Res 2015;3(4).
  18. Edmans J, Bradshaw L, Gladman JRF, Franklin M, Berdunov V, Elliott R, Conroy S. The Identification of Seniors at Risk (ISAR) score to predict clinical outcomes and health service costs in older people discharged from UK acute medical units. Age & Ageing. 2013; 42(6):747-53.
  19. Edmans J, Bradshaw L, Franklin M, et al. Specialist geriatric medical assessment for patients discharged from hospital acute assessment units: randomised controlled trial. BMJ 2013;347.
  20. Conroy SP, Ansari K, Williams M, et al. A controlled evaluation of comprehensive geriatric assessment in the emergency department: the ‘Emergency Frailty Unit’. AGE AND AGEING 2014;43(1):109-14.
  21. Franklin M, Berdunov V, Edmans J, Conroy S et al. Identifying patient-level health and social care costs for older adults discharged from acute medical units in England. Age Ageing 2014;43(5):703-7.

Esteem indicators

  • Lead author of national intercollegiate frailty guidance for critical care decision-making during COVID outbreak, 2020 (
  • Invited speaker on Healthy Ageing, Industry and Parliament Trust, 2020
  • Advisor to the Nova Scotia health board, Canada on acute care for older people, 2019
  • Winner of the RCP 2019 Excellence in Patient Care Awards The Lancet research award.
  • Finalist at the ONS Research Excellence Awards 2018, Hospital Frailty Risk Score.
  • Winner of the William Farr Medal 2018 (
  • Winner of the Royal College of Physicians’ Excellence in Patient Care Award 2018 for quality improvement (Acute Frailty Network submission)
  • BMJ Confidential: Simon Conroy: Healthy body and mind. BMJ 2017.
  • East Midlands veterans rugby cup final winner, 2017 & 2019; finalist March 2018
  • Invited member, NCD Older People Geriatrician reference group, 2016+
  • EUGMS geriatric emergency medicine people special interest group chair, 2014-17
  • British Geriatrics Society lead on acute care of frail older people 2009-15
  • European Union of Geriatric Medicine Society, academic board member, 2010-14
  • Honorary secretary, British Geriatrics Society, 2009-2011

Selected national and international presentations 2013+

  • Invited speaker, British Geriatrics Society 2020 – ‘Hospital Wide CGA’
  • Invited speaker, Geriatric ED Collaborative webinar 2020 - Implementing an Observational Unit Model
  • Visiting Teaching Professor Leiden University Medical Center - Jaap de Graeff lecture, October 2019
  • Invited speaker, Dalhousie University grand rounds, October 2019
  • Invited speaker, Norwegian Spring Meeting in Cardiology, May 2019
  • Invited speaker, Danish Society of Emergency Medicine, April 2019
  • Invited speaker, Royal College of Anaesthetists Perioperative Medicine study day, January 2019
  • Keynote speaker: patient flow conference, the King’s Fund, May 2018
  • Invited speaker: Geriatric Emergency Medicine, Swedish Emergency Medicine Society, Stockholm, March 2018
  • Keynote speaker: Acute Care for Older People, Dutch Geriatrics Society, February 2018
  • Keynote speaker: Geriatric Emergency Medicine, Swedish Geriatric Medicine Society, Stockholm, October 2017
  • Opening Keynote: Innovative Approaches to Frailty, Canadian Frailty Network, Toronto, April 2017

Educational activities


  • Board member, European Academy of Medicine for Ageing, 2016+

Curriculum work

National conferences

  • Royal College of Emergency Medicine, Geriatric Emergency Medicine day – March 2018
  • LeicGEM – bespoke small group teaching on Geriatric Emergency Medicine, 2016+; also delivered in Helsinki, Finland (2018+)
  • Organised annual conferences on acute care for older people with the Royal College of Physicians of London, 2014-17

Interface fellowships

  • Joint supervisor, Leicester post-graduate Geriatric Emergency Medicine fellowship; 12 fellows including three consultants and two international fellows since 2012

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