Honorary Professor Paul Watson B.Sc (Hons), M.Sc, FCSP, PhD

Honorary Professor Paul Watson


Department of Health Sciences
New Academic Unit
Leicester General Hospital
Gwendolen Road

Email: pjw25@le.ac.uk  




Musculoskeletal pain

Pain, work , and Vocational rehabilitation

Pain management

Ethnicity and pain

Sleep and chronic pain.




The relationship between sleep and Neuropathic Pain

Physical activity in chronic pain

A community intervention for low back pain related workloss

Evaluation of an early Physiotherapy intervention for preventing work loss

Workers and healthcare practitioners perceptions of working with low back pain.

Evaluation of the introduction of the NICE guidelines on the management of persistent low back pain.

Sleep disorders in low back pain; a comparison with other chronic health problems


  • Distinguished Fellow of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy October 2006
  • Clinical Advisor to NICE on the Low back Pain Guidelines
  • Executive Board of the Chronic Pain Policy Coalition
  • Educational Board of International Association for the Study of Pain
  • Musculoskeletal Editor Physiotherapy Journal
  • Editorial board of European Journal of Pain
  • Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation
  • Visiting Professor Leeds Metropolitan University


  • February 2009 Keynote lecture Irish Faculty of Pain Medicine inaugural scientific meeting working with pain Dublin, Ireland.
  • November 2008 Samuel Lipton lecture, Liverpool Medical Institute. Work, Pain and Society
  • August 2008 Keynote lecture, Barriers and Bridges to successful return to work in chronic low back pain. International Association for the Study of Pain Congress, Glasgow, UK
  • March 2008 Keynote Practitioner Beliefs about back pain –do they affect outcome? New Zealand Pain Society, Auckland, NZ
  • March 2008 Keynote Barriers to return to work. New Zealand Pain Society, Auckland NZ
  • March 2008 Keynote. Vocational rehabilitation for benefit dependent patients – an integrated approach. New Zealand Pain Society, Auckland, NZ
  • November 2007 Keynote. A cognitive approach to the management of low back pain. 3rd World Congress on Low back and pelvic pain, Barcelona, Spain
  • September 2007 Biopsychosocial assessment and management – Masterclass. University of Alberta, Canada
  • June 2007 Keynote. Culture, ethnicity and pain. University College London, UK
  • May 2007 Keynote. Assessing and managing musculoskeletal pain in the workplace. Association of Physiotherapist in Occupational Health annual congress, London,UK
  • April 2007 Keynote. Cognitive behavioural management of low back pain. South African Back Pain Forum, Capetown, South Africa
  • March 2007 Professorial inaugural address: The Puzzle of Pain and disability, Leeds Metropolitan University UK
  • October 2006 Keynote, Returning low back pain patients to work, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Birmingham, UK
  • October 2006 The Patrick Wall Lecture, Annual Congress Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Birmingham 2006
  • June 2006 Wage compensation and treatment for low back pain. International Primary Care Low Back Pain Forum. Amsterdam, Netherlands


  • Student wishes to be annonymous
    Title of Thesis: Physical activity in Chronic Pain
    Funder: Libyan government student grant
  • Julia Bowey
    Title of Thesis: GP management of chronic low back pain
    Funder: States of Jersey, Department of Health and Social Security


  • Assistant Course director M.Sc Pain Management. Module leader Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  • Personal tutor M.Sc Pain Management
  • Supervision of assignments, marking of all assignments and examinations for M.Sc Pain Management. Physiotherapy and Rehabililtation
  • M.Sc. Pain Management, Research methodology
  • M.Sc in Pain Management Acute Pain Module



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