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The Trent Arthroplasty Audit Group (TWAAG) register all primary and revision hip and knee replacements of consenting patients in the contributing hospitals in the Trent and Wales region. The register is organised by and on behalf of contributing surgeons to bring together our collective experience. An element of trust is involved in that, for example, if one of us had an unfortunate experience with a selected implant or operative technique, it could be uncomfortable for this type of information to be disclosed. And yet, as scientists, we would agree that we should be able to confide such experiences to our colleagues with confidence. TWAAG helps to combine our experiences to bring concern as regards prostheses and techniques to the attention of colleagues and so limit the number of patients with unfavourable outcomes.

The Arthroplasty Audit Group team register data and subsequently analyse this to produce annual reports for each consultant and anonymous reports for each hospital.


The Aims

  • To collate the number of hip and knee Arthroplasty operations performed throughout the Trent and Wales regions
  • To review the number and types performed since 1990
  • To relate these findings to the consultants concerned and to identify groups of consultants having common experience
  • To bring together consultants trying new operations or techniques of a similar nature so as to obtain combined opinion at user level
  • To keep all contributing consultants aware of current practices so as to enable all of us to keep up to date with modern developments
  • To provide satisfaction results by writing to patients with a questionnaire one year after their arthroplasty
  • To provide an annual report to all contributing consultants
  • To organise regular meetings of a Steering Group for discussion
  • To hold an annual seminar to keep colleagues up to date with our activity
  • To publish amongst ourselves useful information and when indicated to disseminate this nationally.


The audit group has a Steering Group consisting of one representative from each orthopaedic unit contributing data. This representative undertakes communicate such useful information as may accumulate to their colleagues at regular Steering Group meetings.

Patient consent

Participating consultants are kindly requested to obtain consent from their patients for their personal identification details to be entered onto our database prior to either primary or revision forms being completed and returned to ourselves. A patients information sheet is available for you to copy and issue to patients explaining the rationale behind the existence of the Audit Group.

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