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The Trent and Wales Arthroplasty Audit Group (TWAAG) was formed in 1990 by Orthopaedic Surgeons so that they could assess the performance of hip and knee replacement surgery. The patient are consent by the surgeon prior to the operation. The surgeon then completes a basic information sheet at the time of surgery and forwards this on to the TWAAG office at the University of Leicester.


The information on the form records:


Patient Details

Name, date of birth and address, which hip/knee

Reason for joint replacement

Arthritis or injury

Type of implant

Description and product identifier labels

Surgical details

Any complications during surgery

Any information which allows identification of an individual is kept strictly confidential. The information is entered on computers used only for the register and the information can only be accessed by your surgeon or the staff employed by TWAAG. The paper records are retained. We may confidentially supply information to other agencies, such as the Office of National Statistics and the NHS Tracing service, to enable us to check addresses or health status, of patients however we will not release  information for any other purpose to any other body agency or company without explicit permission.

The information on the register is used:

  • To contact the patient at points in the future to see how well the hip or knee replacement is performing and whether it meets the patients expectations.
  • To contact the patient if we have concerns that there may be a problem with the hip or knee replacement.
  • To provide accurate information to patients about hip and knee replacements
  • To try to improve the results of hip and knee replacement surgery

Patients are under no obligation to have their details entered onto the Arthroplasty Register and if at any time in the future their wish to have them removed from the database we will comply with their instructions. However, if they do not wish to participate, it will not affect their clinical care.


If you have any concerns you can contact us.

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