Trent Wales Arthroplasty Audit Group

The Trent knee and hip Arthroplasty Registers were established in 1990 by the orthopaedic surgeons in the Trent Region of the UK (population 5.13 million), to audit the practice of all primary and revision hip and knee arthroplasty surgery in this area. In 1990, data was collected from 22 hospitals (63 surgeons). In 2001, hospitals in Wales joined the group and so in 2002 data was returned from 31 hospitals (118 surgeons) covering 14.2% of the population in the UK (8 million).

The register is organised by and on the behalf of contributing surgeons to bring together their collective experience. TWAAG helps to combine the surgeons experiences to bring concern as regards prostheses and techniques to the attention of colleagues and so limit the number of patients with unfavourable outcomes.

Data is collected prospectively. The operating Surgeon completes a record at the time of the surgery and returns this to a central office at the University of Leicester for data entry and analysis. The data is validated by a peripatetic clerk, who visits the contributing units to check the data and to capture missing data. Since the implementation of the Data Protection Act (1998) data cannot be held without patient consent. Questionnaires are mailed to patients at regular intervals and the results returned to the surgeons and presented at an annual meeting.

We regret that we can not answer questions regarding surgical advice, surgical referrals or for sources of surgical information.

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