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The Trent & Wales Arthroplasty Group (TWAAG)

The main research theme of the Division pf Orthopaedic Surgery is The Trent and Wales Arthroplasty Group (TWAAG). TWAAG is a large prospectively collected database of joint replacements performed in the Trent region and Wales.

The TWAAG office is at the University of Leicester based within the Clinical Sciences Unit at the Leicester General Hospital.  The audit group administrative team consists of three members of staff, who organise collection and analysis of the data received from each consultant particpating in the study.  the data received is kept strictly confidential.

the audit group has a steering committee consisting of a representative from each orthopaedic unit contributing data.  This representative undertakes to communicate such useful information as may accumlulate to their colleagues at regular steering group meetings.

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Prof. Joe Dias

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