John Thompson

Professor of Genetic Epidemiology

John Thompson

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Department of Health Sciences
University of Leicester
Adrian Building, University Road
Leicester, LE1 7RH

Tel: +44(0) 116 229 7269

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My research involves developing and applying new statistical methods to problems in genetics and epidemiology. Current research topics include:

  • Methods for the meta-analysis of genetic association studies
  • Methods for estimating phenotype-disease associations using Mendelian randomisation
  • Methods for analysing whole genome scans
  • Applications of graphical models in epidemiology


Recent PhD supervision:

  • Chris Newby: Identifiying Asthma PhenotypesThrough Latent Variable Analysis
    Astra Zeneca funded.
  • Mark Rutherford: Relative Survival Applied to Cancer Registries
    Medical Research Council (MRC) funded.
  • Claire WestonCure Models for Childhood Cancer
  • Thomas Palmer: Extensions to Mendelian Randomization
    MRC funded.
  • Jack Bowden: On the Use of Data Augmentation to Model Biomedical Data in the Presence of Selection Bias
    MRC funded.
  • Cosetta Minelli: Meta-Analysis of Genetic Association studies
    DoH funded.


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