Head of Division

Name E-mail Affiliated Body
Prof Kamlesh Khunti Diabetes Research Centre

Academic General Practitioners

Name E-mail Affiliated Body
Prof Umesh Kadam Department of Health Sciences/Diabetes Research Centre
Dr Sam Seidu Diabetes Research Centre
Dr Christopher Williams Department of Health Sciences

Other Clinical Academics (Medical)

Name E-mail Affiliated Body
Prof Terry Brugha Social and Epidemiological Psychiatry Group, Department of Health Sciences
Dr David Webb Diabetes Research Centre

Primary Care Scientists

Name E-mail Affiliated Body
Dr Natalie Darko Diabetes Research Centre
Prof Nicola Cooper Biostatistics Group, Department of Health Sciences
Professor Laura Gray Biostatistics Group, Department of Health Sciences
Dr Clare Gillies Diabetes Research Centre
Professor Tom Yates Diabetes Research Centre
Professor Charlotte
Edwardson Diabetes Research Centre
Dr Deirdre Harrington Diabetes Research Centre
Professor Carolyn Tarrant SAPPHIRE Group, Department of Health Sciences
Dr Francesco Zaccardi Diabetes Research Centre, Leicester Real World Evidence Unit
Professor Natalie Armstrong SAPPHIRE Group, Department of Health Sciences


Name E-mail Affiliated Body
Dr Andrew Willis Diabetes Research Centre
Patrick Highton Diabetes Research Centre
Yogini Chudasama Diabetes Research Centre
Dr Joseph Henson Diabetes Research Centre
Michelle Hadjiconstantinou Diabetes Research Centre

Visiting Academics

Name Affiliated Body
Prof Azhar Farooqi Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group
Prof Sanjoy Paul Queensland Clinical Trials and Biostatistics Centre and Clinical Trials Unit, Brisbane
Dr Stephen Rogers General Practitioner and former Director of Public Health, Northants
Dr Tim Stokes University of Otago
Dr Steve Levene Visiting Fellow, Department of Health Sciences
Dr David Shepherd General Practitioner and IT Specialist

Associated Postgraduate Research Students

Thesis Title Affiliated Body

Dan Lane

[Dr Gupta/Prof Khunti]

Developments of Biochemical Methods to Diagnose non-Adherence in Cardiometabolic Disease and their Clinical Utility (PhD)

Department of Health Sciences

Elpida Vounzoulaki

[Prof Khunti/Clare Gillies/Prof Tan]

Type 2 Diabetes in Women after a Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes: Understanding Uptake to Screening, Progression Rates and Costs, Using Evidence Synthesis Methodologies (PhD)

Department of Health Sciences

Cameron Razieh

[Prof Khunti/Prof Yates]

Ethnic health: differences in markers of health and health outcomes between South Asian and white European individuals. Can they be explained and what can we do about them? Department of Health Sciences

Humaira Hussein

[Prof Khunti/Prof Gray]

Comparative Effectiveness of Sodium-Glucose Co-Transporter-2 Inhibitors and Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Receptor Agonists in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Randomized and Real-World Evidence (PhD)

Department of Health Sciences

Yogini Chudasama

[Prof Khunti/Clare Gillies]

Multimorbidity, Lifestyle Behaviours, and Life Expectancy: Role of Physical Activity and other Lifestyle Behaviours (PhD)

Department of Health Sciences

Usman Muhammad

(Prof Khunti/Clare Gillies)

Effects of Intensive Interventions in Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes and Microalbuminuria. A Decision Model to Assess Long-Term Cost-Effectiveness (PhD)

Department of Health Sciences

Zoe Morgan

(Clare Gillies)

The association between attention deficit hyperactivity disorder with autism spectrum disorder and other psychiatric conditions, in the adult general population.

Department of Health Sciences



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