Nicola Cooper

Professor of Healthcare Evaluation Research

Department of Health Sciences
University of Leicester
George Davies Centre, University Road
Leicester, LE1 7RH

Tel: +44 (0)116 229 7267


My primary research interest is in the interface and integration of medical statistics and health economics. This specifically includes methods for statistical modelling of cost data, integration of evidence synthesis within a decision modelling context, handling of missing data in economic evaluations conducted alongside clinical trials, and the application of Bayesian statistical methods to all of the above. I am Deputy Director of the NIHR-funded Complex Reviews Support Unit (


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Erratum HE 2004

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WinBUGS 14 code for HE 2004

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Resource use and expenditure questionnaire

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Additional tables and figs JRSS 2003

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MRC HSRC Workshop

"The Use of Evidence in Economic Decision Models"

The recent methods guidelines for health technology assessments from NICE (2004) recommend ‘all relevant evidence must be identified’ and ‘evidence must be identified, quality assessed and, where appropriate, pooled using explicit criteria and justifiable and reproducible methods’.  The guidelines also state that ‘explicit criteria by which studies are included and excluded’ should be presented.

Two workshops, funded by an MRC HSRC workshop grant, were organised with the aim of producing specific procedural guidance to complement the NICE guidance and to provide a clear definition of all relevant evidence in the context of decision-analytical modelling.

WORKSHOP 1: Establishing the current situation

Dr Zoe Philips, University of Nottingham & Laura Ginnelly, University of York

“Review of guidelines for good practice in decision-analytic modelling in health technology assessment”

Philips.pps Bojke.pps

Dr Nicola Cooper, University of Leicester

“Use of evidence in decision models: An appraisal of health technology assessments in the UK since 1997”


Dr Carole Longson, National Institute for Clinical Excellence

“View from NICE – current issues”


Suzy Paisley, University of Sheffield

“Identifying evidence for decision analytic models”


Paul Tappenden, University of Sheffield

“Ideal versus practical issues of using all available evidence to inform decision model



Debbi Caldwell, University of Bristol

“The potential role of mixed treatment comparisons”


Dr Alex Sutton




WORKSHOP 2: Methodology for appropriate use of evidence in decision models

Louise Longworth, NICE

“Guidelines reporting of evidence identification for the and selection in decision models: the NICE perspective”


Jim Chilcott, Suzy Paisley, University of Sheffield

“Systematising the process: the role of problem structuring methods (PSM) in informing model structure”

Chilcott Paisley Tappenden.pps

Boby Mihaylova, Senior Researcher, University of Oxford.

“Advantages of individual patient data”

Dr Rebecca Turner, MRC Biostatistics Unit, Cambridge

“Addressing differences in rigour and relevance of evidence - a review of existing methods”


Dr Karl Claxton, Dr Neil Hawkins, University of York

“Optimising Drug Development and Efficient Licensing and Reimbursement Rules: The Role of Value of Information Analysis”.


Prof Tony Ades, University of Bristol

“What can we learn from data? A comparison of direct, indirect and observational evidence”Ades.pps

Dr Alex Sutton, University of Leicester



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