Michael Sweeting

Associate Professor in Biostatistics


Department of Health Sciences
University of Leicester
George Davies Centre
University Road
Leicester LE1 7RH

Tel: 00 44 116 252 5469

Email:   michael.sweeting@le.ac.uk



I lead the analytical team of the VICORI research programme, investigating the interplay between cardiovascular disease and cancer using English registry and audit datasets.


My research interests include:

  • Linkage of large-scale electronic health records and disease registries for epidemiological research
  • Utilising repeat longitudinal measurements in the modelling of time-to-event data, especially in a joint modelling or landmark analysis framework
  • Health economic discrete event simulation modelling with application to screening programmes
  • Analysis of randomised controlled trials, particularly surgical trials
  • Evidence synthesis (including individual patient data meta-analysis)
  • Design of early phase clinical trials


Personal details


PhD, University of Cambridge 2008

MSc Medical Statistics, University of Leicester 2001

BSc Mathematics and Statistics, University of Warwick 2000





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