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Prof Guiqing Lily Yao, PhD, MSc, and BSc

Research interests: My expertise lines in economic evaluations alongside large clinical trials and decision analytic models particularly in health technology assessment (HTA). I have successfully led on economic components for more than 30 large scale studies including projects funded by the Nation Institute of Health Research (NIHR) and those commissioned by NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence). Most of those have led to high impact publications. My research interests have recently expanded to economic evaluation in public health. I am currently conducting several research projects in public health including projects to address antibiotic resistance in China (funded by MRC joint with China NSFC), mental health as well as multi-morbidity. In my previous job, I was head of Health Economics Analytic Team in Academic Unit of Primary Care and Population Science in University of Southampton. In the past, I was awarded several scholarships including the high prestigious one by Sino-British Friendship Scheme.

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