Nick Taub, PhD

Research Fellow in Medical Statistics 


Department of Health Sciences
University of Leicester
Centre for Medicine
University Road
Leicester LE1 7RH

Tel: 00 44 116 2525416



  • Clinical trials in musculoskeletal research
  • Modelling the frequency of surgical procedures and hospital admissions


Scaphoid Waist Internal Fixation for Fractures Trial (SWIFFT) Cast treatment versus surgical fixation of fractures of the Scaphoid waist in adults: a Multi-centre Randomised Controlled Trial [co-applicant].
Principal Investigator: Professor Joseph Dias
NIHR Health Technology Assessment. HTA - 11/36/37
£2.3 million (Apr 2013 – Oct 2022)

Recently completed: 

Wilson A, Robinson T, Taub N, Windridge K. Barriers to early assessment of TIA and stroke (BEATS).  NIHR RfPB (Research for Patient Benefit) £186,782.  2008–2010

Khunti K, Palmer Hill S, Stone M, Davies M, Farooqi A, Taub N, Seare N.  Self Assessment of Waist Circumference for Screening for Type 2 Diabetes & Pre-diabetes (MY-WAIST).  NIHR RfPB  (Research for Patient Benefit) £157,597.  2008-2009



Research Advisor for the NIHR Research Design Service (East Midlands)

Associate editor, International Journal of Childbirth

Member of Derby NRES (National Research Ethics Service) Ethics Committee (2009-13)

Member of the West Midlands grant awarding panel of the National Institute of Health Research’s (NIHR) Research for Patient Benefit funding stream  (2011-14)




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Garala K, Taub NA, Dias JJ.  (2016) The epidemiology of fractures of the Scaphoid. Impact of age, gender, deprivation and seasonality.  The Bone and Joint Journal; 98-B:654–659.  Published: MAY 2016


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Up to 2009

Ali S, Davies MJ, Taub NA, Stone MA, Skinner TC, Khunti K. (2009) Prevalence of diagnosed depression in South-Asian and White-European people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes in a UK Secondary Care population.  Postgraduate Medical Journal; 85 (1003): 238-243.   

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