2007 Publications


Yates TE, Khunti K, Davies M. Prevention of diabetes: A reality in primary care? Primary Care Diabetes 2007 Sept;1(3):119-121. PMID 18632031

Davies MJ, Evans R, Storms F, Gomis R, Khunti K. Initiation of insulin glargine in sub-optimally controlled patients with type 2 diabetes: sub-analysis of the At.Lantus trial comparing treatment outcomes in subjects from primary and secondary care in the UK. Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism 2007 Sept; 9(5):706-713. PMID 17697063

Holman RR, Thorne KI, Farmer AJ, Davies MJ, Keenan JF, Paul S, Levy JC for the 4-T Study Group. Addition of Biphasic, Prandial or Basal Insulin to Oral Therapy in Type 2 Diabetes. N Engl J Med 2007 Oct 25;357(17):1716-1730. PMID 17890232

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Davies MJ, Thaware PK, Tringham JR, Howe J, Jarvis J, Johnston V, Kitchener DL, Skinner TC, McNally PG, Lawrence IG. A randomized controlled trial examining combinations of repaglinide, metformin and NPH insulin. Diabet Med 2007 Jul;24(7):714-719. PMID 17403126

Stone MA, Bankart J, Sinfield P, Talbot D, Farooqi A, Davies MJ, Khunti K. Dietary habits of young people attending secondary schools serving a multiethnic, inner-city community in the UK. Postgrad Med J 2007 Feb;83(976):115-119. PMID 17308215

Yki-Jarvinen H, Alvarsson M, Bystedt T, Caldwell I, Davies M, Juurinen L, Lahdenpera S, Nijpels G, Vahatalo M. Initiate Insulin by Aggressive Titration and Education (INITIATE): A randomized study to compare initiation of insulin combination therapy in type 2 diabetic patients individually and in groups. Diabetes Care 2007 Jun;30(6):1364-1369. PMID 17384341

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Khunti K, Stone MA, Bankart J, Sinfield PK, Talbot D, Farooqi A, Davies MJ. Physical activity and sedentary behaviours of South Asian and white European children in inner city secondary schools in the UK. Family Practice 2007 Jun;24(3):237-245. PMID 17504774

Chatterjee S, Jarvis-Kay J, Rengarajan T, Lawrence IG, McNally PG, Davies MJ. Glargine versus NPH insulin: Efficacy in comparison with insulin aspart in a basal bolus regimen in Type 1 Diabetes – The GLargine and ASpart Study (GLASS). Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice 2007 Aug; 77(2):215-222. PMID 17141354

Yates T, Khunti K, Bull F, Gorely T, Davies MJ. The role of physical activity in the management of impaired glucose tolerance: a systematic review. Diabetologia 2007 Jun;50(6):1116-1126. PMID 17415549

Elrishi M, Khunti K, Jarvis J, Davies MJ. The dipeptidyl-peptidase-4 (DPP-4) inhibitors: a new class of oral therapy for patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Pract Diab Int 2007;24(9):474-482

Khunti K, Gadsby R, Millett C, Majeed A, Davies M. Quality of diabetes care in the UK: comparison of published quality of care reports with results of the Quality and Outcomes Framework for Diabetes. Diabet Med 2007 Dec;24(12):1436-1441. PMID 17971182

Davies MJ, Srinivasan B. Glycaemic Management of type 2 diabetes. Foundation Years 2007:3(4):164-170.

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