Welcome to Health Sciences Staff Induction


 Welcome to the Department of Health Sciences, University of Leicester.  This aims of this session are:

  • to provide our new staff with information which we think will be helpful to them and to ensure that our staff have been properly inducted into the Department.
  • to show new staff where information on the website can be found to support them
  • to give new staff the opportunity to meet Departmental Office Staff, and other new starters
  • to ensure that staff are able to find contact details of someone who can assist them
  • to ensure the Department meets its obligations in terms of ensuring we have the required information from new staff (such as their emergency contact details etc)
  • to provide new starters with an opportunity to ask questions


  • Helen Horsman, Deputy Departmental Manager
  • Debbie Oldham, Departmental Manager
  • Professor Natalie Armstrong, Head of Department


We welcome any comments or suggestions about this session, please see the feedback sheet or email hlh7@le.ac.uk

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