I need to travel somewhere on University business.  How do I arrange it?

You can either arrange your own travel and claim the cost back on an expense claim form (EC1).  Or Debra Bugler,, 0116 252 3211 can arrange the travel for you (via Key Travel) and the University will pay on invoice.

What information will Debra need in order to book the travel for me?

For the following types of travel, please click on the link below and submit the relevant form to Debra Bugler,, 0116 252 3211 well in advance of the dates you need to travel:

Who is my Departmental contact for this process?

Debra Bugler,, 0116 252 3211

I need to travel to a conference

Information about attending conferences

Will I need University travel insurance?

All staff and students traveling overseas on University business MUST have University travel insurance.  Even if you have your own personal travel insurance which says it covers you for business purposes, it is mandatory that you have University travel insurance.  You will be required to declare that you have the appropriate cover in place in any expense claim pertaining to the trip.

How do I arrange my travel insurance?

  1. Book your travel insurance via this link.  Click on 'staff travel request' in the ‘documentation’ box, which will direct you to the relevant on-line form
  2. Complete the on-line form
  3. When you are asked about the ‘project code’ (for the charging ) please put your grant code if you are charging your insurance to a grant.  If you would be charging the cost to a MIF account, then the University is absorbing these costs, so please leave that box blank.
  4. Submit the form and you should receive your policy via email
  5. Once you have received your insurance policy, please ensure that you forward it on to Helen Horsman, as we have to keep central records here with the finance files.  Please do this for each policy you arrange.  We have not seen any personal medical details on policies we have received so far, but please check your policy wording before forwarding it to Helen if you are concerned.

Going overseas with a University laptop?

Please ensure that you have read this document about encrypted laptops.

    What are the relevant University policies or guidance?

    University financial regulations regarding travel and subsistence

    University travel insurance

    Departmental guidance about claiming expenses

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