New Starters and Leavers

What do the Departmental Office staff do for new starters?

  • Accommodation/equipment - all new members of staff will be provided with a desk and PC.  For accommodation queries, please contact Debbie Oldham,, 0116 252 3206.  If new equipment is required, please contact Helen Horsman,, 0116 252 5405.
  • IT account - an application for an IT account for new members of staff will be processed prior to their arrival so that details of the account will be provided within a starter pack which all new members of staff receive on their first day.
  • Swipe card access - an application for a swipe card will be provided within the starter pack.  Please note that new members of staff will need to go to the Security Office (main site) to collect their swipe card.
  • Staff induction - the Departmental Office runs a monthly staff induction session which all new members of staff will be invited to.  Details of time/venue will be emailed within their first week.
  • Probation - all new members of staff are required to complete a satisfactory probationary period.  Line managers are encouraged to have regular meetings with new members of staff to discuss the requirements for the role and any training.  Further information on the University's Probation Policy can be found from the HR website.
  • Mandatory training courses - there are mandatory courses that all staff are required to undertake within their first few months.  More specific training is also provided via the Staff Development Partnership.
  • Buddy - all new members of staff should be allocated a "Buddy" to show them around the Department and help staff settle in within the first week.  Line managers will be emailed guidance notes regarding the role of a buddy, before the new member of staff starts.  Please ensure that the Departmental Office is informed of the name of the buddy.

What do the Departmental Office staff do for staff leaving the Department?

  • Leavers meeting - all staff will have a leavers meeting with a member of the Departmental Office staff to outline what needs to be done prior to their departure.  This can include discussion regarding finances, equipment, arrangements for research data and continued IT access (if required).
  • IT account - staff IT accounts will normally close on the last day of service.  However if prolonged access to email accounts is required, arrangements can be made to keep the account open for a maximum of 3 months following the last day of service.
  • Equipment - all equipment purchased using University funds remain the property of the University of Leicester and consequently must be returned to the Department.
  • Swipe card - all swipe cards will need to be returned to the Departmental Office on the last working day.
  • Data (paper and electronic) - all research data must have a University of Leicester data owner.  Consequently, arrangements need to be made for all research data to be transferred to another member of staff prior to departure.
  • Finances - if you have any research projects or MIF accounts, please liaise with Helen Horsman,, 0116 252 5405 and the research grants administrators to make the necessary arrangements following departure.
  • PhD Students - if you have any PhD or MD students, please liaise with Emma Gisborn (CFM),, 0116 252 5428 to make arrangements for students following departure.

Who is my Departmental contact for new starters or leavers?, 0116 252 5402

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