Security/Swipe Cards

How do I get a swipe card?

Swipe cards are needed for access to both the building and your office.  The swipe cards acts as your University ID badge and gives you access to University printers.

Building opening hours

George Davies Centre: 24 hour access available. Porters desk is manned between 7am and 10pm Monday to Friday.

If you are working outside of these hours, please view the University policy on Lone Working and ensure that you sign into the 'out of hours' book on reception.

Visitor access

All visitors are required to report to reception (main entrance) and be signed in and out of the building.  Please note that the Porters on reception need to be made aware of any visitors attending, prior to their arrival, using the notification of visitor form.  If you wish to receive visitors in to the, please ensure that you inform the Reception Desk with the following information:

  • Date of Visit
  • Visitor Name
  • Department Name
  • Person receiving Visitor
  • Receiving persons contact telephone number

Reception can be contacted by ringing ext. 6828

In the event of a fire evacuation, you are responsible for ensuring that your visitor vacates the premises safely.

Personal Security

All staff with ID badges (swipe cards) are required to wear them at all times.  Staff are also requested to lock office doors (where applicable) when absent, and to lock away any money or valuables in a safe place, eg, desk pedestal.

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