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Funding Opportunities

Research Professional

The University has a subscription to Research Professional, the leading source for research funding opportunities. It lists international funding opportunities in a searchable format. It also reports on current research policy news and analysis. Anyone with a University of Leicester user name can log on to the service free of charge and search for funding opportunities. You can create customised searches, save these, and ask for alerts.  You can search by free text, or by funder, closing date, discipline. The system is quite intuitive to use.

The links below will take you directly to funding opportunities from the funder sites:

NIHR (Key Funder Working Group Lead: Martin Williams,, 0116 252 5419)

Health Foundation

MRC (Key Funder Working Group Lead: Dr Martha Clokie,, 0116 252 2959)

Wellcome Trust (Key Funder Working Group Lead: Professor Mark Jobling, 252 3427)

EU Commission/Horizon 2020

ESRC (Key Funder Working Group Lead: Professor Peter Nolan,, 0116 223 1657)

Wellbeing of Women

Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group (LCCCG)

Cancer Research UK (CRUK)

Support provided to Principal Investigators (PIs)

Our Research Grants Administrators ( provide the following support for your grant costings and awards.

Pre Award


We put together full economic costings (FEC) using TRAC methodology, which all funders now require.  You need to allow plenty of time ahead of your application deadline in order for the costing and approvals to be completed (ideally 2 weeks).  The process for obtaining a costing and submitting an application are as follows:

  1. submit the completed list of costing questions to, along with a copy, or link to the funder guidelines.  We will then produce the costing and send it to you for you to review.  Further adjustments can be made until you are happy.
  2. when you are happy with the costing you will need to send us a copy of your final application so that we can submit this, along with your costing to the University’s Research and Enterprise Division (RED) for approval.
  3. once RED are happy with the costs, they will send and the principal investigator (PI) an electronic approval form.  This needs to be signed by the PI in the ‘investigator’ box and then given to hsgrants
  4. hsgrants will get the approval form signed off by the Head of Department and send it to RED.
  5. once RED have the signed approval form in their possession and a copy of the grant application, you are free to submit your costs to the funder.  (You must not submit any costs to a funder prior to them being approved by RED and without the Head of Department Approval).

Minimum Contribution Level (PI time)

The University has introduced a minimum contribution level of PI time on all grant applications which should be applied to the costing (see below). On some occasions, meeting this minimum contribution is not feasible; for example, if the call being applied for is capped at a set amount such as £250k. If you believe the minimum contribution should be waivered on your application, approval will need to be sought from RED.  We will contact RED on your behalf, if you provide us with justification for the waiver.

Minimum %
Research CouncilPI%Co-I%Combined %
AHRC 20 15 35
MRC 20
NIHR (where schemes fund investigator time) 20
EU 20
ESA (scalable dependent on FTE of RA) 10
For other funders Apply the rate of the Research Council that closest fits the description of the funder

Application Outcome

Following submission of a grant application to a funder, please email to advise us of the outcome once you have been notified by the funder.

Post Award

Application Awarded

If your application is awarded:

  1. please send your official award letter from the funder in order to commence the award process with RED.  RED will liaise with the funder and collaborators (if applicable) to draw up contracts.
  2. whilst negotiation of contracts is happening, you will need to complete a Sponsor Declaration Form.  For awards with an external sponsor, a short email to is required from the sponsor confirming that they are willing to act as a sponsor to support the Sponsor Declaration Form.  It is the Sponsor Declaration Form which generates your project code ‘RM62G….’ which will become your grant code which you will need to quote for future queries.
  3. once all of the institutions are happy with the contracts and they have been signed, the project will be set up budgets will be shown on SAP.  You will be sent a Project Detail Notification form which provides you with a breakdown of the budget.

Grant Kick Off Meeting

We can provide kick off meetings for awarded grants.  In this meeting we can cover all financial aspects within the awarded budget including allowable and disallowable costs.  It also provides you with the opportunity to make us aware of any large/regular purchases which are due to take place during the lifetime of the grant. If you are awarded EU funding you will be required to attend a kick off meeting whereby a member of the EU Team from RED will be in attendance (this is due to the amount of restrictions and differing recoverable rates found with grants).

Budget Report Updates & Transaction Reports

PIs are sent a budget report update by hsgrants every quarter. This report details what has been spent overall on the grant, as well as what is left remaining. This is then broken down by each budget heading.  Guidance is provided on how to interpret the report. We are also able to provide full transaction reports which detail all income which has been paid into the project and all expenditure. If this is something you require in addition to the budget report please do let us know.

Regular Finance Meetings with Research Group Leads

Staff from the Departmental Office, including hsgrants, meet with research group leads (or their representative) on a regular basis in order to review the research group’s financial arrangements for grants, costings and staffing (which is funded by grant awards).  We provide a breakdown of grant expenditure and available funds at these meetings and deal with any queries arising at the meeting.

Post-Award Queries

At any point during the lifetime of your grant, we are able to provide you with support.  We liaise directly with the RED on a daily basis to resolve any queries they, you or we have and we aim to contact you as the PI as little as possible.  For example, we can advise you whether you can vire funds between budget headings, how to obtain a no-cost time only extension to your grant, or what costs are allowable or disallowable etc.  You can ask us any questions you may have about your award, including any anomalies and we will endeavour to find a solution for you.

Requirements for EU grants

Staff who are paid from European grants need to ensure they meet the requirements of EU funding regulations.  Important information on this can be found here.

Helpful information

Research & Enterprise Division (RED) Homepage

Research & Enterprise guidance on costing your application

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