Requirements for European Funded Grants

Staff who are funded from EU grants need to be aware that there are certain conditions/requirements that must be met as noted below:

Staffing - Timesheets

All staff paid on European funding MUST complete monthly timesheets:

1) Complete a blank monthly timesheet for each month that your salary is charged to the grant

2) Submit each of the timesheets to the PI for them to sign and date for that month.  The timesheets must be dated by the PI around the same time of the dates which are covered by the time sheet (not months after).

3) Post the hard copy of your completed and signed timesheet to the grants admin team (CfM 4:31)

Blank timesheet (FP7)

Example of a completed timesheet (FP7)

Understanding timesheets

Evidence of travel

The following is a list of evidence which is required as proof of travel for European grants.

Please ensure that the relevant documents noted below are submitted to Cheryl Adams,, 0116 252 5471 after your travel (if your travel arrangements were booked for you by the Departmental Office), or with your EC1 claim form if you made your own travel arrangements and are claiming them back.  The normal financial regulations in terms of travel/subsistence apply.

  • all boarding passes
  • all train tickets
  • copies of minutes from meetings you attended during your travel

All costs for staff to attend conferences/meetings which are charged to an EU grant must relate to that grant.

Purchasing of equipment

Desktop PC's are not normally an eligible cost on EU Grants, however, if a high spec laptop is required to do the work and can be justified, this may be an allowable cost.  This should be discussed with before a purchase is made.   If the EU reject the costs, then an alternative code will need to be provided.

Other disallowed costs

In general the following items are disallowed on EU grants (unless there is a special agreement in place at the time of the award):

  • office stationery
  • postage
  • photocopying
  • hospitality
  • some administrative costs (ie, Unitemps charges)

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