I need to buy something to do my work, what do I do?

Complete the purchasing request form and send it to Cheryl Adams, cma9@le.ac.uk, 0116 252 5471, along with any supporting documentation, and a link to the product or service (if applicable). Ensure that you have included your charge code.

What are the Department's responsibilities?

  • To ensure that goods/services are purchased in line with University regulations and using correct VAT codes
  • To ensure that goods/services are charged to appropriate accounts (ie, that the cost is allowable and funds are available)
  • To ensure that staff are provided with guidance and advice on purchasing matters, ensuring that quotations and the tendering process are followed where applicable.
  • To ensure that stores of goods are purchased in line with the business need across the Department
  • To ensure that full records of purchasing are maintained and for the required length of time
  • To ensure that items are disposed of using the correct University procedures.

Who is my Departmental Contact for this process?

Cheryl Adams, cma9@le.ac.uk, 0116 252 5471

What are the relevant University policies or guidance?

Procurement Office

Tendering procedures

I need a computer/laptop.  How do I get one?

  1. The user must contact IT Services to obtain a quote for the equipment and get a service desk ticket number.
  2. The user should complete the purchasing request form which provides all of the information we need to make the purchase.
  3. At this stage, think about where the cost of insurance will be charged to (mobile devices) as this might not be the same charge code as where the actual item will be charged to. Add onto the form if you know.
  4. The user should forward the purchasing request form, with the quote from IT services (along with the service desk ticket number), to Cheryl Adams, cma9@le.ac.uk, 0116 252 5471 to make the purchase. Please do not allow IT Services to order the item for you, as all Health Sciences purchases must come via the Health Sciences Departmental Office.

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