Staff Loan Laptop (for campus use only)

The Department has a laptop which can be borrowed for a short term period by any member of Health Sciences staff.  This will particularly help staff who need to use the monitors in the CfM meeting rooms, but do not have a laptop themselves.  The laptop is for use in the CFM and on University Campus only (it will not work off-site).

How do I borrow the laptop?

If you would like to borrow the laptop please contact Cheryl, 0116 252 5471 in room CfM 4.31 providing the date that you need to borrow it.  Any member of the Departmental Office admin team will be happy to help in Cheryl’s absence.  If available, the laptop will be booked for you on your required dates.

Using the laptop

As this is a loan laptop, you may need to book it out well in advance of when you need it, so that you can ensure that it is powered up and can work as you need it to.

The laptop will need to accept updates each time it is turned on, so take this into account as this might take a while and may affect its immediate usability

There is no bit locker (log in code) as the Laptop has been set up for shared use and can be use with your user name and password as you would normally do when using your normal University device.

Collection and return of the laptop

On the day that you have booked the loan laptop, please collect it from CfM4.31.  You will be required to sign the laptop out and back in again when you return it.

Rules for the loan laptop

By borrowing a loan laptop you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • You will only use the laptop on campus (the laptop must not be taken home or used off-site)
  • The loan laptop is your responsibility whilst you have borrowed it
  • You will not leave the laptop unattended
  • You will not save any files on the laptop. Instead you can save files using the X/R drives or MyFiles.
  • You will not install any software on a loan laptop
  • The use of loan laptops is governed by the University Regulations for IT Users
  • By connecting to eduroam wifi you are agree the eduroam regulations, the regulations of the University of Leicester.

Departmental Contact

Cheryl, 0116 252 5471

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