Health & Safety

What are the Department's responsibilities?

  • To undertake Display Screen Equipment (DSE) workstation assessments for staff
  • To ensure there are adequate trained first aiders and that staff know who the first aiders are
  • To ensure that first aid boxes are easily accessible, well stocked and regularly reviewed
  • To ensure that any first aid, incident, building fault, accident or safety/security concerns or incidents are promptly reported to the relevant University departments or authorities
  • To undertake twice yearly departmental safety inspections for all of its sites and promptly report and follow through any remedial actions arising from the inspections
  • To undertake weekly fire alarm tests
  • To ensure that equipment is PAT tested regularly
  • To carry out twice yearly fire evacuation tests and act accordingly on any remedial action required resulting from the tests.
  • To ensure that staff are encouraged to understand where emergency exits are located.
  • To ensure that fire wardens are appointed
  • To ensure that Health and Safety issues are a standing item on staff meeting agendas to provide staff with the opportunities to raise any concerns they may have, and to communicate any necessary information.
  • To represent the Department on University and College Safety/Security Committees
  • To ensure that staff are familiar with the emergency evacuation plan

Who is my Departmental contact for this process?

Please report any health and safety issues to and the Departmental Office staff will then take the issue forward.  Please do not report any issues directly to Safety Services without the Departmental Office being aware.

Building Safety Supervisor:  Sharon Simpson,, 0116 252 3196

Lead Fire Warden:  Debbie Oldham,, 0116 252 3206

First Aiders

First Aid boxes are located in the kitchen areas on each floor, and a list of first aiders in the buidling is near each box.  If you are interested in becoming a first aider, please contact Debbie Oldham,, 0116 252 3206.

What are the relevant University policies or guidance?

Information about health and safety

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