I need to attend a conference.  How do I arrange it?

Provided the conference relates to University business and you have approval to attend, we can deal with the conference fee and travel booking for you.  This applies to both staff and students. Please allow sufficient time (at least 3 weeks) to process payments, particularly for overseas conferences and bear in mind "early bird" deadlines.  You will need to do the following:

  1. Obtain approval from your line manager/budget holder
  2. Check payment methods available with the conference organiser/website to see if a purchase order is required so that we can pay via invoice, or if payment can be made online using a purchasing card.
  3. Complete the conference booking form and send it to Cheryl Adams,, 0116 252 5471 (along with payment/invoice details as above).  You must provide full details of the name, date and location of the conference
  4. Cheryl will arrange a purchase order or contact you regarding making an online payment.  If an on-line payment is required then you will need to be available to do the booking with her as personal information and personal options are usually required.
  5. If the conference is overseas, you MUST arrange University travel insurance and forward a copy of your insurance policy to (for every trip).

What are the Department's responsibilities?

  • To ensure that bookings are made efficiently for staff/students as required
  • To ensure that appropriate approvals and authorisations are in place
  • To ensure that appropriate charge codes are used
  • To ensure that records are maintained of where staff are if they are outside the UK at a conference
  • To ensure that staff/students are appropriately advised that they MUST arrange their own University travel insurance if they travelling overseas to a conference.
  • To ensure that purchasing records are maintained.

Who is my Departmental contact for this procedure?

Arranging payment of a conference fee: to Cheryl Adams,, 0116 252 5471

Arranging travel to get to and from a conference: Debra Bugler,, 0116 252 3211

Arrange your own travel insurance via this link - University travel insurance

Information about how the Departmental Office can arrange travel for you.

What are the University policies for this?

University travel insurance

Departmental procedure for claiming expenses

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