Children on Campus

Staff and students should be aware that bringing children into University buildings is not a substitute for childcare arrangements. HR provide guidance on parental leave, time off for dependants, annual leave and the annual leave purchase scheme (links below).

Approval for children being on campus lies with the Head of Department (or their nominated deputy) - see below.

What are the Department's responsibilities?

  • to ensure that the Department is meeting and implementing the requirements of the University policy for the Safety of Children on University Premises.
  • that children on campus are not put at risk of their safety
  • to ensure that staff are aware of the risks of children being on campus
  • to avoid inequality of opportunity
  • to avoid the objections of staff and students due to noise or disruption
  • to ensure that the campus is a productive environment
  • to consider requests to bring children into the building
  • to ensure that staff are aware they hold a duty of care to children on campus and must act reasonably to remove the risk of imminent and significant injury and must act reasonably to prevent such injury.
  • to ensure that the Head of Department or nominated Deputies (Debbie Oldham/Helen Horsman) are provided with appropriate information and completed risk assessments in order to make a decision about approval.

When is it OK to have children on campus? - refer to policy

  • organised, supervised and appropriately risk assessed visits and events (requires HOD or nominated deputy approval)
  • childcare provided by on-site nursery and crèches
  • pre-agreed (and risk assessed) activities (such as participation in a research study) (requires HOD or nominated deputy approval)
  • attending public performances
  • pre-agreed social visits of staff on maternity leave with newborns (requires HOD or nominated deputy approval)

Risk Assessments

Safety Services can provide guidance on risk assessments, however, special attention will need to be paid when children are involved to such issues as:

  • access and supervision whilst on site (building layouts, operation of lifts)
  • age range of children
  • welfare (ie, toilet and hand washing facilities)
  • manoeuvring of prams/buggies, mobility impairment
  • stairwells (and emergency exits) have not been designed with children in mind
  • DBS checks, safeguards
  • photographs, or recording
  • what access would be required?  are some areas higher risk than others?
  • project ethics & insurance
  • would the child be likely to get distressed during the visit?
  • are any distractions to be provided during the visit (toys etc), should those form part of the assessment?
  • number of children
  • time of visit, will there be lectures starting/ending, or risk of lots of foot traffic at certain times which could put them at risk?
  • communication with porters
  • approval from Departmental Office

I need to invite a child/children into a University building - what do I do?

1) ensure you have read University policy for the Safety of Children on University Premises

2) undertake a risk assessment taking into account the additional points highlighted above (form available on the Safety Services website)

3) provide details to the HOD (via Debbie Oldham or Helen Horsman) stating:

- the date & times of the visit/s, duration of visit

- the locations where the child/children will be during their visit

- the reasons for the visit

- name of staff co-ordinating the visit, phone number, email, location

- names of the children, ages, and names of any accompanying parent/care giver

- attach the completed risk assessment

4) if the HODs nominated deputies (Debbie Oldham or Helen Horsman) approve the request, you will need to ensure that the building reception staff are made aware of the details noted above.

Who is my Departmental contact for this process?

Head of Department's nominated deputies:

Debbie Oldham,, 0116 252 3206

Helen Horsman,, 0116 252 5405

What are the relevant University policies or guidance?

Policy for the Safety of Children on University Premises

Safety Services

Time Off for Dependants

Annual Leave

Annual Leave Purchase Scheme

Parental Leave

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