Car Travel

Driving Personal Cars for Business Use

In accordance with the University of Leicester – Driving at Work Policy and Guidance document, staff opting to use their own vehicle for University business, even if they are only driving between facilities within Leicester must:

  • have business use included on their personal car insurance (cost will not be met by the University)
  • have a valid MoT certificate (if applicable)
  • ensure their vehicle is in a road worthy condition
  • have a valid driving license

Staff are also reminded that in accordance with the policy and legislation, University business must not be conducted on hand held or hands free mobile telephones while operating a motor vehicle at work.

If you prefer not to have business cover on your car insurance, alternatives to enable your travel are:

Why Would I Need to Hire a Car?

If you need to travel on University business and do not have business travel included on your personal vehicle insurance, and it is financially prudent compared to other forms of public transport, then we can arrange for a hire car for you.

How Do I Hire a Car?

Please note that the charge code you provide will be checked, and you must have obtained authorisation from your line manager/budget holder.

What are the Department's responsibilities?

  • to ensure that car hire is an allowable cost to your charge code, and that funds are available
  • to ensure that a purchase order is set up and in place prior to the Department receiving an invoice
  • to ensure that all appropriate documentation is held within the department (including the journey and reason for travel etc)

Who is my Departmental Contact for this process?

Debra Bugler, 0116 252 3211

What are the relevant University policies or guidance?

Click here for more information regarding hire cars.

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