Booking a Non-Teaching Meeting Room (Staff)


Please note that Resource Booker does not apply to the bookings for GDC4.51 (room for 2 people with desktop PC & phone) as this is not a formal meeting room.  Booking for this room will continue to be done via Outlook (for Health Sciences staff only).

How do I book a meeting room?

Non-teaching meeting rooms across campus are bookable by all staff using Resource Booker (University log in required). It is recommend you access this via Chrome.

You can pin the link to your 'my links' space as a favourite on your share point homepage. A phone app is also available.

Is there any training available on how to use Resource Booker?

  • Training and support for Resource Booker can be located here:
  • Bookings can be made 12 months in advance
  • In Resource Booker, within the panel on the left hand side, you'll see links which say 'Help' and 'Contact us'. If you click 'help', this leads to the user guide. When you make a booking, a screen will pop up for you to fill in details about your booking, here you'll see a link to the Room Booking policy.
  • A Resources Booker Yammer group is available if anyone wishes to join it and guidance documents are linked on the right hand side of the Yammer group.

What has happened to my existing bookings I made via Outlook?

  • Any existing bookings you had in Outlook which you made prior to November 2018 should have been transferred over to Resource Booker (but they are not allocated to individuals) and will not appear in your 'my bookings', so we encourage staff to check that prior bookings have been transferred over.
  • If you have any queries about these bookings, please contact the Timetabling, Exams and Room Booking Team on extension 2274 or 7629, or by emailing

How do I make new bookings?

  • For new bookings use 'make a booking', and use 'my bookings' to manage your bookings
  • Please note that some rooms may require additional approval before confirming availability (eg, GDC Board Room)
  • It is anticipated that teaching room bookings will be coming on Resource Booker around July 2019.

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