Booking a Meeting Room in the George Davies Centre (Staff)

How do I book a room in the George Davies Centre?

Staff can book meeting rooms themselves in the George Davies Centre using Outlook calendars.  Teaching rooms are booked via the CMIS user for each Department.

How to view availability of GDC meeting rooms

How to book a GDC meeting room

What meeting rooms area available in the George Davies Centre?

GDC Room Floor Capacity of people Room TypeEquipment*

Telephone (0116)

0.02 (Board Room)
Ground Floor 40
Meeting (only bookable via College Life Sciences) full AVS/PC equipment
0.23*** Ground Floor 4 Meeting 6831
0.25** Ground Floor 30
Teaching (Health Sciences) full AVS/PC equipment 4066
0.26** Ground Floor 30
Teaching (Health Sciences) full AVS/PC equipment 4067
1.07 First Floor 6 Meeting 373 6833
1.19 First Floor 10 Meeting 373 6834
1.21 First Floor 10 Meeting 373 6837
1.38 First Floor 14 Meeting 373 6839
2.31 Second Floor 6 Meeting 6843
4.29 Fourth Floor 12 Meeting 373 6840
4.34 Fourth Floor 6 Meeting 373 6845
5.29 Fifth Floor 6 Meeting 373 6846
LT1 Ground Floor 320 Lecture Theatre

Bookable via

Gurdeep Panesar

LT2 First Floor 204 Lecture Theatre

Bookable via

Becky Quinn

*All meeting rooms have a phone and screen on the wall which can be connected to a laptop/mobile device.

**The teaching rooms on the ground floor (0.25 & 0.26) can be opened out into one room (via the partition) for larger meetings.

***Do not book – wait for further notice that the room calendar has been set up and bookings transferred.

Information about the meeting/teaching rooms in the George Davies Centre

  • All meeting rooms are unlocked from 8am to 6pm.
  • Room 0.02 is the Boardroom and priority of use is given to the Dean of the College of Life Sciences. Please be aware you may be asked change rooms at short notice.
  • When making a room booking, please ensure that a contact name and telephone number are included, so these can be used in the event of a query.
  • Room bookings are generally on a first come first served basis, however teaching will take priority for teaching rooms.
  • Refreshments should be ordered via University catering through
  • Please ensure that all meeting and teaching rooms are tidied prior to vacating the room (all catering and rubbish should be removed, windows closed and AV equipment fully shut down)
  • Layouts can be changed subject to the availability of the porters.
  • Instructions for all AVS/PC equipment is available in the room.
  • Telephones in meeting rooms are internal calls only - if you want to have a teleconference you will need to borrow the teleconference phone from the admin team or if only calling one participant ask the switchboard (dial 0) to get the number for you

Departmental Contacts

Debra Bugler, 0116 2523211,

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