Advertising an Event

To ensure that work is completed, you should submit the Design Brief at least 3 weeks prior to requirement deadline.

Step 1 - Gather the information for your event.

At a minimum, you will need:Microphone and media symbols

  • A brief description of the job
  • A schedule for your work (see above) - writing ASAP will delay requests
  • Target audience - are they internal, external or both? UoL Staff or students? Occupation? Gender ratio (if any)? Younger audiences (for outreach sessions)?
  • The purpose of your communication - advertise an event, recruit students, communicate research outcomes to the public
  • Your key messages - 'Come to this event', 'Register at...', 'Applications open', 'Our research found...'
  • Format - will the communication be emailed, used in social media, printed as a leaflet, printed as a poster, or printed as a banner?
  • Evaluation measures - evaluation forms, registers?
  • Text for the communication - attach as a Word document

Extra information:

  •  Images - these must have the correct copyright permissions. If you are unsure about sourcing images, please contact Kathryn Lubkowski ( If you do not have any preference on imagery, the Design Team will make appropriate suggestion.
  • Examples of similar communications/ designs that you like the style of.

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Step 2 - Complete the Design Work Briefing Form by clicking the button on the top right of this page

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Step 3 - The Creative Team will send you a proof to review. Check this carefully and return any amendments as soon as you are able so as not to delay print timings.

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Step 4 - Once you are satisfied with the content and design of your communication, complete and return the Design Checklist as sent to you by the Creative Team 

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Step 5 - Send a digital copy of your finalised communication to Kathryn Lubkowski ( for departmental records 


Who is my Departmental Contact for this process?

Kathryn Lubkowski 0116 252 3203


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