Departmental Procedures

Accommodation for Visitors
Booking a Non-Teaching Meeting Room (Staff)
Health & Safety
File PRW Evacuation Procedure
Princess Road West Evacuation procedure
HR (recruitment etc)
IT Support
IT Good Practice Policy
The following IT Good Practice Policy is to ensure the secure use of University computing equipment and secure handling of personal data. This policy is applicable to all staff and students within the Department of Health Sciences. Staff members should ensure authorised collaborators using University computing facilities, or who may have access to data are informed and agree to abide by the following policy. The University Information Assurance Office is the lead for issues related to legal compliance, information security, records management, business continuity and risk management. Their website contains valuable information containing the latest policies and procedures relating to Information security. However, the good practice policy below attempts to provide individuals with a short introduction to procedures and policy.
File Traveling abroad with a Uni laptop
New Starters and Leavers
File HS purchase request form
Research Grant Support (costings, post-award support etc)
Requirements for European Funded Grants
File blank timesheet (FP7)
File Example of completed timesheet (FP7)
Reply Response Service (Royal Mail Freepost)
Security/Swipe Cards
Car Travel
Lone Working
File How to book a room
File Car Hire Booking Form
File Flight Booking Form
File Hotel Booking Form
File Taxi Booking Form
File Train Booking Form
File Conference Booking Form
File Meeting Room Booking Form
Advertising an Event
File Understanding Timesheets
Children on Campus
Staff Loan Laptop (for campus use only)
File Grant costing questions

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