Mandatory Training Courses

There are mandatory courses that all staff, new to the University are required to undertake within their first few months.

1) Introduction to the University of Leicester - a workshop session organised by the Staff Development Partnership.  The aim of this session is to familiarise new staff with the University of Leicester, its structures and strategies.

2) Introduction to Health and Safety - Health and safety induction is a legal requirement for new University staff and this course is designed to supplement departmental health and safety induction training.  It provides an overview of the University’s health and safety arrangements and introduces attendees to the principles of accident prevention

3) Information Assurance - There is an online training course, delivered via Blackboard and a briefing session that all staff need to attend covering this subject.

4) Recruitment and Selection - this is mandatory for any staff wishing to participate in staff recruitment.  Refresher courses are also available for staff who have not completed this training within the last 3 years.

5) Fraud Awareness  - accessible via Blackboard

6) Equality and Diversity - accessible via Blackboard

Visit Staff and Organisational Development for information about the range of courses provided.

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