What do I do if I am sick?

On the first day of sickness please email or telephone ( or 0116 252 3211) informing the Departmental Office of the reason and likely duration of your absence (voicemail available).  The Departmental Office will then inform your line manager.

What forms do I need to complete?

All relevant forms noted below should be sent to: Sharon Simpson (contact details below):

(1) self certificate form – this form is required if the duration of your sickness absence was up to and including 7 calendar days (including weekends).

(2) GP Fit Note – this will be required for any period of absence which is 8 days or more in duration.  Original GP fit-notes must be submitted as soon as they are issued to you, please do not wait to your return to bring them in.  If you scan and email a copy to Sharon, please ensure you post the original at the same time too.

(3) Return to Work Discussion Form – your line manager should hold a return to work meeting with you following each instance of absence, and details of this must be recorded on the form and submitted along with the relevant document noted in (1) or (2) above.

Sharon Simpson (0116 252 3196),
Department of Health Sciences
George Davies Centre
University of Leicester
University Road
Leicester, LE1 7RH

What are the Department's responsibilities?

  • To ensure all staff members are aware of their responsibilities in relation to reporting staff sickness
  • To accurately record staff sickness for all members of staff
  • To provide advice and support for staff in all areas of sickness

Who is my Departmental contact for this process?

Sharon Simpson 0116 252 3196

What are the relevant University policies or guidance?

Maximising Attendance Policy and Procedure

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