What do I do if I am sick?

On the first day of sickness please email or telephone ( or 0116 252 3211)  the Departmental Office informing them of the reason and likely duration of your absence (voicemail available).  The Departmental Office will then inform staff within the relevant research group.

You are required to complete a self certificate form for the first 7 calendar days of sickness.  Sickness from 8 days or more must be covered by a GP note.  Both the self certificate form and any GP notes should be sent to Sharon Simpson in CfM4.31.

What are the Department's responsibilities?

  • To ensure all staff members are aware of their responsibilities in relation to reporting staff sickness
  • To accurately record staff sickness for all members of staff
  • To provide advice and support for staff in all areas of sickness

Who is my Departmental contact for this process?

Sharon Simpson 0116 252 3196

What are the relevant University policies or guidance?

Information about managing sickness absence

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