Mentoring opportunities in Health Sciences

The Department of Health Sciences is committed to providing a good working environment for its staff and students and in September 2013 was successful in achieving a Silver Athena SWAN award. To find out more about mentoring, along with the benefits and experiences of staff in Health Sciences download the Mentoring in Health Sciences poster.

Information on mentoring is available on the College website

The Role of a Mentor

A mentor is an existing member of staff who assumes primary responsibility for providing help, guidance and support to facilitate the professional growth and career progression of another staff member and to give his or her mentee the confidence and capability to meet current and future challenges at work, or in relation to work. Although a mentor is usually an experienced member of staff, a mentor is best described as a ‘career friend’ rather than as a line manager. A mentor’s role is non-judgemental and confidential, and is distinct from performance management and appraisals. For more information download the Role of a Mentor pdf

Who can I speak to about mentoring opportunities in the Department?

Athena Swan leads Kate Williams,, 0116 252 5432 and Nicola Cooper, 0116 229 7267 can discuss and provide advice.

Mentor Connect

Mentor Connect is a small group of staff who are involved in linking existing staff with mentors. If you are struggling to identify a mentor, please contact a member of the Mentor Connect group: Nicola Cooper, Kate WilliamsKay Phelps and Sam Johnson .

Keep the Department informed of mentoring agreements

Once a mentor/mentee relationship is agreed the mentee should send details of their first meeting with their mentor to

Who is available to act as a mentor in the Department?

NameEmailResearch GroupLocation
Keith Abrams Biostatistics CFM
Natalie Armstrong SAPPHIRE CFM
Elaine Boyle TIMMS CFM
Sylwia Bujkiewicz Biostatistics CFM
Nicola Cooper Biostatistics CFM
Liz Draper TIMMS CFM
Helen Eborall SAPPHIRE CFM
Stepanie Hubbard Biostatistics CFM
Sam Johnson TIMMS CFM
Paul Lambert Biostatistics CFM
Graham Martin SAPPHIRE CFM
Debbie Oldham Professional Services CFM
Kay Phelps Quality and Service Delivery CFM
Mark Rutherford Biostatistics CFM
Lucy Smith TIMMS CFM
Carolyn Tarrant SAPPHIRE CFM
John Thompson Genetic Epidemiology CFM
Louise Wain Genetic Epidemiology CFM
Kate Williams Quality and Service Delivery CFM
Martin Williams NIHR RDS CFM
Andy Wilson Quality and Service Delivery CFM

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