Emergency Contact Details

Do I need to provide the Department with emergency contact details?

Yes, all new starters are asked to provide this information by completing the emergency contact form, and existing staff are reminded annually to update their emergency contact information.  If your emergency contact details change then please contact Debbie Oldham, do43@le.ac.uk, 0116 252 3206 to provide the required information.

Why do I need to provide emergency contact information?

The University does not routinely collect this type of information, therefore the responsibility lies with Departments.  If there was an accident or incident at work, the University or Department would not know who should be contacted or how to contact family/friends without these details.

Where will this information be stored?

Information is collected on an annual basis to ensure we have up to date details.  This information is collated into a spreadsheet that is password protected and stored on an area on the X:\drive that only senior Departmental Office staff are able to access.  This information will only be used in the event of an emergency whereby a close family member or friend needs to be informed of a situation.

Who is the Departmental contact for this information?

Debbie Oldham, do43@le.ac.uk, 0116 252 3206

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