Performance Development Discussion (Appraisal)

What is the process for staff appraisals?

All staff, regardless of grade, are required to have an annual appraisal.  The appraisal process now called 'Performance Development Discussion (PDD)' for non-clinical staff should be completed by the end of the academic year (by 31 July).  Clinical Staff follow the NHS process and will have joint University/ NHS appraisals. Information about the new process can be found on the Organisational Development website.

The Departmental process is as follows:

1) Appraisal date to be arranged between appraiser and appraisee

2) Appraisee completes the performance development form A and sends this to the appraiser in advance of the appraisal meeting. Please note that all colleagues, both those in Professional Services and those engaged in academic activities should complete Part A. Part B should be completed only by those engaged in academic activities, and will be released with further guidance later this year.

3) Appraisal takes place.

4) Performance Development Form A should be completed within 1 week of the appraisal date.  Please note that both the appraiser and appraisee should make comments on the last page of the form.

5) Original Performance Development Form A should be forwarded to Sharon Simpson:; 0116 252 3196, in the Departmental Office, where we will arrange for the Head of Department to comment and sign the form.  The original form will be returned to the Appraisee, a Departmental copy will be kept on file.

What are the Department's responsibilities?

  • To ensure that all staff are appraised following the University appraisal scheme on an annual basis.
  • To maintain a record of dates for each staff appraisal in line with University requirements.
  • To submit a Departmental training and development plan to the Organisational Development on an annual basis.

Who is my Departmental contact for this process?

Sharon Simpson,, 0116 252 3196

Performance Development Discussion

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