Annual Review (promotions and merit awards)

What is the annual review?

The University undertakes an annual review to reward staff performance. The two main mechanisms are merit awards (discretionary increments or bonus) and promotions (to a higher grade).

What are the Department's responsibilities?

The Department can assist staff in reviewing applications for this process.  Discussion should initially be had with your line manager to ascertain which route (merit award or promotion) is most suitable.  When each promotion or merit award round is announced, the Department will email the group leads in order that consideration is given to each eligible member of staff.  Individuals themselves will receive an email from HR.

All applications within the Department are considered by the Departmental Management Group (DMG) for consistency and areas where applications could be improved, using University guidance.  The information below indicates the numbers of applications which have been made, and the number which have been successful:


Annual Review outcomes

Who is my Departmental contact for this process?

Helen Horsman,, 0116 252 5405

Debbie Oldham,, 0116 252 3206

What are the relevant University policies or guidance?

Information about different promotion rounds and merit awards (annual review)

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