Postgraduate Study

The Department of Health Sciences provides a rich and well-staffed environment for our students. We offer excellent teaching with an energetic lecturing staff comprised of top health science researchers with established strengths across epidemiology, medical statistics, public health, health services and psychiatry.

We are most definitely a research-led university, and that means postgraduate students enjoy a pivotal role in forging new ideas and technologies. We are confident you will find we are the kind of Department to make your postgraduate study more stimulating and more rewarding in every sense. The Department is structured to support innovative multidisciplinary and multi-method solutions by conducting high quality scientific research that can inform policies and practices aimed at securing people's health and well-being.

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Distance Learning

Postgraduate Research Degrees (MD/MPhil/PhD)

Continuing Education

Additional information including module dates, who our course directors are, and what our students say, can be found on these pages

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