Work Experience and Careers

Our degrees provide the knowledge, technical and transferable skills required to launch you into a career of your choice and equip you for the challenges ahead. We have developed a program of employability training alongside the integration of key industry skills into our teaching program, where we work with employers to ensure relevant content is delivered and is constantly kept up to date.

Many of our graduates work as geoscientists involved in the exploration for, and extraction and development of, energy, mineral and water resources. Our graduates are also employed in the environmental sector, addressing issues of climate change, sustainability, waste management, environmental monitoring and remediation. Some graduates have moved directly into other professions (e.g. teaching, banking, the media, management and the police).

Work Experience

Gaining relevant work experience during your degree is hugely advantageous when entering the graduate job market. Through our links with industry, we have a large number of students who undertake (often very well paid!) work experience during their vacations, or through a year out in industry.

Such work experience gives our students a strong competitive edge in securing permanent employment…

Careers Support

Geology has a dedicated careers tutor, with several years experience working as a geologist in industry, who works with the University Careers Service to deliver an exclusive and tailored Career Development Programme through your degree. The School organises a Careers Day each year with involvement from a host of companies across the geosciences sector. Career opportunities are advertised within the department through direct email and social media.


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