Scholarships and Prizes

Awards available to support you during your degree.

We offer numerous scholarships and prizes to support your studies.

Aggregate Industries and Carl Zeiss Microscopy Bursary Schemes

Aggregate Industries Bursary Presentation 2017
Aggregate Industries Bursary Presentation 2017
We run career-track bursary schemes with these companies that are exclusively for our Geology undergraduates. These schemes involve work experience and fourth year project work with the company, with bursaries to students of up to £13,000 per year.

Academic Prizes

We offer competitive prizes and awards in each year for academic achievement and overall performance. In addition, students have won bursaries for volcanology and mineral deposit field courses in North and South America based on their excellent fieldwork skills, and have been awarded. University travel bursaries for extra-curricular overseas visits. We also offer Holloway Bursaries for those interested in developing their skills in geological outreach.

Tuition fees and Scholarships

The University offers a generous package of undergraduate scholarships to students including students with strong entry qualifications, and students from less well-off backgrounds. Music and sport scholarships are also available.


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