Our Degree Programmes

Our degree courses are specially tailored to provide you with a broad understanding of the fundamental concepts in geology, as well as enabling you to pursue your own interest. All of our programmes are modular and our specialist degrees allow you to focus on the areas of Applied and Environmental Geology, Geophysics or Palaeontology.

All the programmes provide degree-specific modules from the second year onwards. In the third and fourth year you will also have a range of optional modules to allow you to study the topics that interest you most.

A unique characteristic of our programme structure is the flexibility in degree options. All degree programmes include a common core during the first year, enabling you to transfer between degrees at the end of the first year, subject to meeting the entry requirements for your intended degree.

The Geological Society Accreditation Logo



All of our courses are accredited by the Geological Society, demonstrating that our degrees offer high quality teaching as well as providing the skills necessary for a career as a professional geologist.

Course Title
(3 Years)
(4 Years)
Geology F600 F601
Applied and Environmental Geology F610 F611
Geology with Geophysics F660 F661
Geology with Palaeontology F641
(Formerly F6C1)
(Formerly F6CC)

BSc versus MGeol degrees

Alongside the flexibility to change between the different degree programmes we also ensure that it is possible to transfer between the three year (BSc) and the four year (MGeol) degree, such that you can graduate with the qualification most appropriate for your future career.

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