Jane the T-Rex

Come and see 'Jane' in the Department of Geology

'Jane' is our resident juvenile Tyrannosaurus-Rex'Jane' stands some 2.3m tall at the hip and 6.4m long, and is about half the height and length of a full-grown T.rex. The fossil was found at Hell Creek in Montana, USA, in rocks of the Cretaceous Period that are about 66 million years old.



We have free leaflets available for visitors:

Flying Dinosaurs Leaflet (652KB pdf)

For adults, written at an adult level, “Flying dinosaurs and the origin of birds”, gives some good basic background about Jane that might be useful for your ambassadors.

Flying Dinosaurs Leaflet Cover

Meeting "Jane" Leaflet (1.14MB pdf)

For children at KS1 (5-7 year olds) "Meeting Jane" includes a poster they can pin up on their wall, colouring, a maze and other 'Jane' themed activities.

Meeting "Jane" Leaflet


"Jane" Pin Badge

Badges are available for younger children that say “I’ve met Jane at the University of Leicester” - NB the badges are pin badges and so shouldn’t be handed out direct to very young children but should be ok’d with and given to teacher/guardian so that they take responsibility.

How can I see 'Jane'?

To arrange a visit contact Dr Gawen Jenkin our Schools Liaison Tutor.

E: geology@le.ac.uk

If you come and visit Jane in person, printed copies of these leaflets and coloured badges can be obtained on request from the Department of Geology Reception, Office G90, Bennett Building.

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