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This page describes information and FREE resources that we provide for Geoscience teachers in schools and colleges. If what you are looking for does not appear here then please contact me by e-mailing

I hope to regularly update details on this page so please bookmark it.

Information about our degrees can be found by using the button on the left. However, if you have specific enquiries not covered by the information there, please e-mail me at

Gawen Jenkin

I would be happy to arrange a visit for you and your students to Geology here at Leciester, where you could also meet our T-rex Jane. We already run a number of study visits for local schools and colleges to provide practical experience augmenting topics in the curriculum and if you would like to be notified of these events please let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Professor Gawen Jenkin
Schools Liaison Tutor

Free Resources

Seismology resources

    • teachers_seismic.jpg
      Seismology Resource
      Schools in the UK currently operating seismic systems
    • High School seismology networks in the USA
    • School networks around the world
    • Earthquake data resources
    • Free software resources
    • Particle motion animations

Presentations for Schools

Micropalaeontology Practical Kit

  • Microfossils PosterSample of sand stuffed full of beautiful modern microfossils, including ostracods, foraminifera, echinoid spines, sponge spicules, bryozoa and small gastropods and molluscs. This is accompanied by teacher instructions and an A3 poster demonstrating the different types of fossils present with some information about them. Students can practice “picking” the microfossils under a binocular microscope and grouping and identifying them. The sand can be recycled indefinitely.


Future Ocean CD

  • Radio 4 documentary covering Project EAGLE based in the East African Rift and examining how a continental rift eventually forms a new ocean.

Furture Ocean CD

Mass Extinctions CD

  • Powerpoint presentation and relevant articles.

Mass Extinctions CD


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