Joining the toothwear-list email discussion group

The instructions for subscribing as given below. Once you are a member of the list you will be able to post messages to all other members, and you will receive all the messages posted to the list by other members. In order to make the toothwear-list as useful, lively and enjoyable as possible, members are encouraged to be informal and conversational in their approach to discussion.

Individuals whose interest in microwear is non-professional are welcome to subscribe to the list, but the level of discussion is aimed primarily at those who have a research-based interest in microwear and associated analytical techniques. Postings to the effect of "Hi, I have an assignment to complete by tomorrow, tell me everything you know about microwear" and similar enquiries are discouraged. Advertisements for products, meetings or other events which are of no interest to microwear workers should not be posted to the list. Normal standards of courtesy are expected. In addition to incurring the wrath of other members of the list, offenders will be electronically ejected from toothwear-list by the listowner.

To subscribe to the list:
go to the following webpage and enter your details:

The default settings will probably suit most people.

To post a message to all other members of toothwear-list (only subscribers can post), send an email to:

To unsubscribe:
go to the following webpage and enter your details:

This page also contains other useful information, such as how to access archives, and change your subscription information and settings.

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