Dr Robert Sansom

Rob Sansom in Norway

Postdoctoral Research Associate (NERC)

Palaeobiology Group

Direct contact:

Tel: 0116 252 3629 Email:rss24@le.ac.uk

Research interests:

Assessing the nature and validity of the fossil record of early vertebrates, and thus, vertebrate origins, from palaeontological and experimental taphonomy perspectives. Emphasis is upon the soft-bodied "vertebrate" faunas of Chengjiang, Burgess Shale, Soom Shale, Lesmahagow, Mazon Creek, and potential extant proxies such as amphioxus, hagfish, lampreys and chondrichthyans. Details here.

More broadly, my research interests include unraveling the sequence of character acquisition and evolution in the stem-chordate, stem-vertebrate, and stem-gnathostome lineages, from phylogenetic, taxonomic, palaeobiogeographic, palaeoecological and biological perspectives.


I am now based at the University of Bath.



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