Staff in the Geophysics and Borehole Research Group


Academic Staff

Professor Sarah Davies Professor Mike Lovell
Professor Richard England Dr Tim Pritchard
Dr Stewart Fishwick

Research Staff and Students

Mr Kieran Blacker Mr Laurence Phillpot
Miss Angela Castagna Mrs Janet Sherwin
Mrs Debra Daly Mr Clive Sirju
Mr Efeoghene Enaworu Mrs Tayyaba Khurram
Dr Erwan Le Ber Mr Bernhard Weise
Dr Victoria Lane

Computing and Technical Staff

Dr Andrew Myers Principal Computing Officer

Hononary Research Staff

Dr Jenny Inwood Professor Peter Maguire (Emeritus Professor)
Professor Peter Harvey (Emeritus Professor) Dr Max Moorkamp
Prof Aftab Khan (Emeritus Professor) Dr Sergio Vincinguerra

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