Petrophysics Summer School 2019

Returning to the University of Leicester this summer is the fourth iteration of the Petrophysics Summer School. The Summer School is open to applicants from all backgrounds and fields of research and aims to introduce the core principals of petrophysics, from data collection to interpretation. Petrophysical practices are explored fundamentally and practically through the use of lectures and paper exercises; as well as through industry-standard software package Schlumberger’s Techlog. In addition to theory, course attendees will be introduced to the IODP log database and how to access a vast bank of open-access geological and petrophysical data.

The Essential Information

CPD_accreditationThe Petrophysics Summer School is a CPD-accredited course offering 36 hours of training in petrophysics, a field known to have skills shortage both in industry and within IODP. The Summer School aims to fill this gap through the provision of accessible and affordable training to aspiring petrophysicists, offering tools and knowledge to help kick-start a career.

Petrophysics is the study of the physical (and chemical) properties of rocks and their interactions with fluids. It integrates in situ downhole logging data with core and seismic data. This has significant applications in the hydrocarbon industry in terms of both exploration for, and production of, oil and gas. It is also an important component of the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) in helping to answer the many and varied questions posed by ocean research drilling expeditions around the world.

Starting from its inception, the Petrophysics Summer School has been an openly accessible course, with an even split of male/female participants across the 3 years. A total of 81 participants from 56 institutions/organisations and across 14 countries have been trained, and participants from all career stages have attended the course representing 30 different nationalities.

The Petrophysics Summer School hosted in the School of Geography, Geology & the Environment at The University of Leicester, UK. The majority of the course takes place on the main campus, with one local field-trip day. There are also additional social events in evening across the city of Leicester.

In 2019 the summer school will run from the 29th of June to the 5th of July.

What's Expected on the Schedule

The core goal of the summer school is to equip course attendees with an applicable working knowledge of downhole logging (well-logging) and core physical properties data. The course aims to cover data acquisition, interpretation and application with a view to enabling career advancement within the wider field of petrophysics, but also for participation in IODP expeditions.

Along with popular returning favorites, the Petrophysics Summer School 2019 will include:

    • Petrophysics 101 – an introduction to principles
    • A loggers perspective on offshore operations
    • Field trips to Weatherford and the British Geological Survey Core Store
    • Fundamental training in Schlumberger’s Techlog software package
    • Specialist guest lecturers from experts in industry and academia

A List of Tutors/Speakers

Organisation Who
European Petrophysics Consortium Sarah Davies, Erwan Le Ber, Katharina Hochmuth, Laurence Phillpot
Leicester University (UK) Kieran Blacker, Catherine Russel
BP Sam Mathews
Imperial College London (UK) Peter Fitch
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (USA) Gilles Guerin, Angela Slagle
Schlumberger Rudi Mathers
JAMSTEC (Japan) Yoshi Sanada
Weatherford Darren Chaney

Past Petrophysics Summer Schools

For more detailed information on previous Summer Schools and the course material, please visit past Petrophysics Summer School pages and the website.


PSS 2016


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PSS 2018

The Application Procedure

The application window has now closed

To apply to this year’s Summer School please email with copies of:

    • The application form and its associated conflict of interest form
    • A statement of interest in the Summer School
    • A short CV
    • And a letter of support from a supervisor (should you be an undergraduate or graduate/PhD student)

The application window will be from the 8th of February to the 30th of April.

Payment for the Petrophysics Summer School is only due upon awarding of an offer of acceptance, after the application process has closed. In 2018 the fee for this course was £180 incl. VAT, and we foresee no significant price change for 2019. This price does not include accommodation or travel costs.

Funding Opportunities

Depending on where you are applying from there are several funding opportunities to help pay for travel expenses and course fees.

If you are applying from an ECORD country you can apply to the ECORD scholarship program.

If you are applying from the United States you can apply to the US Science Support Program (USSP) for support with travel.

If you are applying from another country contact your local IODP Program Member Office (PMO) or local Society for Petrophysicists & Well Log Analysts - SPWLA chapter for support.

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