IODP Mission-Specific Program (MSP) logging summaries

JOIDES Resolution in HawaiiLogging programmes and the collection of downhole data form an element of all IODP expeditions. In the past, while the LAMONT Doherty Earth Observatory (alongside the logging consortium) ran logging operations and supported Logging Staff Scientists, web-based logging summaries were routinely produced for JOIDES Resolution expeditions.

These logging summaries enabled prospective researchers and onlookers alike to quickly gain an understanding of the extent and the significance of the downhole data produced by IODP on an expedition-by-expedition basis.

While these logging summaries are no longer compulsory expedition deliverables, past summaries can still be found online for the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP – 1985-2003) and Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP – 2003–2013) phases:

Drillship Chikyu in front of Mt Fuji. © IODPThe original aims of these logging summaries were to; 1) make expedition logging data more accessible and generally understandable; 2) promote logging operations now and in the future; and 3) collate the logging data discussion into one location - rather than spreading it amongst site chapters, processing reports and methods sections.

Many of these benefits still apply, and so we have collated MSP expedition logging summaries into the following pages: